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System microscopes for polarisation techniques in transmitted/incident light

Leica DM LP


The Leica DM LP is the modern polarization system microscope with a modular design that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications from training and routine laboratory uses to routine scientific work.

It has many features to make your daily workload decisively lighter and more convenient. Key performance characteristics of this polarization microscope are universal application potential, stability, ergonomy and high qulaity optics.

First-class, Patented, Revolutionary, Innovative, Robust and Safe - all attributes indicating the difference between the Leica DM LP and other conventional microscopes.

The difference is not only quality aspects such as durability, but also by the application of new ideas, such as the new 3-gear focus drive, the innovative stage height stop, the mechanical and thermal stability and the fast switchover between different illumination techniques.

The wide variety of possible configurations, based on a tailored system for all polarized light applications, makes the Leica DM LP an all-purpose microscope. The extensive choice of objectives with the new infinity HC correction priciple ensures brilliant imaging quality for all customary contrasting techniques.
Leica DM LPLeica DM LP
Leica DM LP

Key Features

  • Application oriented transmitted or transmitted/reflected light outfits
  • Built-in powerful 12V/100W illumination system
  • High mechanical stability with new patented heat stabilization system
  • New patented 2- or 3-step focus drive for optimum focusing precision
  • Centerable 5 objective Pol-nosepiece with compensator slot
  • Strain-free Pol optics with new HCprinciple of infinity correction with brilliant image contrast
  • Objective magnifications from 1.6x - 250x plus magnification changer
  • Large 360° Pol stage with 45° clickstops with vernier and Pol-object guide
  • Maximum 20mm, 22mm or 25mm flatness of field
  • Large choice of RL/TL polarizers and light filters
  • Extremely wide periphery with measuring compensators, interferometers etc.
  • 10x Pol-eyepieces, field of view 25mm (optional 12.5x, 16x, 25x, fov 20mm, 22mm)
  • TV-adaptation with C-mounts 0.35x, 0.5x, 0.63x,1x and Vario-C-B mounts for various CCD video and digital cameras
  • Photomicrography with Leica MPS, DM LD attachment system
Leica DM LP Brochure
DM LP Brochure

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