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Leica FS C
Bullet Comparator Microscope

Leica FS C

Fast and clear-cut evidence down to the tiniest detail. Unmistakable and reproducible results. These are the pillars to success in the laborious spadework of the forensic examiner. Forensic scientists require the best that modern engineering can offer. Not only in terms of optical performance but ease of use and ergonomic work scenarios. This helps you to stay in good health and supports your power of concentration.

The new Leica FS C bullet, bullet comparator microscope, meets all requirements of the digital age and convinces through state-of-the-art technology and excellent ergonomics. Your know-how combined with our comparison equipment- an unbeatable combination.

Brilliance, Operator comfort, Rigid & compact design

The new Leica FS C (Forensic Solution comparison) bullet comparator microscope defines a new level of performance, convenience and comfort in comparison macroscopy for the forensic lab. It combines an innovative intelligent automation concept with superb ergonomic features.

It’s entirely new optics includes four specialized ultra high performance APO macro objectives with high numerical apertures for crystal clear images allowing to pick up slightest differences in the traces. This convenient platform provides increased reproducibility, accuracy and examiner efficiency.

The Leica FS C bullet comparator microscope is a modular system, which can be used for any comparison application for example in ballistics (comparison of firearm traces on fired ammunition parts), in toolmark examination and in document comparison.

Apo macro objectives - reveal the tiniest detail

The Leica FS C bullet comparator microscope features 4 Apo macro objectives with built-in iris diaphragms. The objectives are parfocal and telecentric and therefore allowing reliable dimensional measurements. In combination with the motorized magnification changer (Factor 1.5x) 8 calibrated magnification steps are available.

Thus, magnifications from 4x - 60x can be realised corresponding to field sizes of 55 mm to 3.7mm. The 6-place objective turret can take further Leica Microobjectives e.g. 10x, or 20x without modification enabling even higher magnifications up to 300x.

Leica FS CLeica FS C

Leica FS C

Key Features

  • prochromatic corrected macro objectives
  • parfocal and telecentric measurement optics
  • motorized 1.5x Mag. changer (provides 8 calibrated fixed magnifications)
  • reproducible illumination
  • automated comparison bridge with one button control of all functions
  • built-in tilting ergo tube
  • full left image, full right image
  • split image mode with variable dividing line
  • superimposed image mode
  • motorized movement of dividing line for position
  • size synchronous movement of x, y and z, movement of stages
  • foci via built-in dial knobs
  • SmartMove device for maximum user comfort
  • superb ergonomy
  • +/- 4% Zoom mag. compensation of right comparison path
  • colour neutral beamsplitter prism in bridge
  • calibration free comparison paths
  • measurement function via PDA

Leica FS C Brochure
Leica FS C Brochure

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