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Leica's largest zoom range 12.5:1 stereomicroscope

Leica MZ12.5


The Leica MZ12.5 High-performance stereomicroscope with 12.5:1 zoom provides the user with more information, more details, and with more knowledge. The performance in terms of contrast, richness of detail, resolution, and color fidelity is unsurpassed and extends the limits of microscopical observation.

The high numerical aperture (0.2), the maximum resolution of 600 line-pairs/mm, and magnifications up to 640x, enable the range of the Leica MZ125 to be extended to that of the compound microscope. In its standard configuration with 1.0x planachromatic objective and distortion-free 10x eyepieces, the Leica MZ125 offers a higher magnification (100x), a larger numerical aperture (0.125) and better resolution (375 line-pairs/mm) than any comparable stereomicroscope on the market.

To provide outstanding user benefits Leica MZ125 adapts quickly and easily to the current working situation and to the individual user.

Its high value results from the quality of the parfocal optical system and the comprehensive choice of accessories for every imaginable investigational task, instruction and documentation. Leica offers the widest choice of binocular tubes on the market, and a unique range of ErgoModules™, which ensure an ideal and dynamic sitting position for every user. To meet the challenging needs in science and industry, Leica Microsystems offers various digital imaging systems and image management software for tomorrows performance requirements.

Leica MZ12.5
Leica MZ12.5

Key Features

  • Ultra flat filed of view
  • Uncomparable image quality!
  • Largest zoom range and the highest attainable magnification
  • Infinity optical system assures fatigue free viewing
  • Magnification changer; 12.5:1 zoom, 12 engageable positions
  • Basic magnification range with 10x eyepieces; 8x - 100x, extended range 5x-640x
  • Field of view diameter range with 10x eyepieces; 2.1mm - 26.3mm, extended range 1mm - 33.3mm
  • Basic working distance; 60mm, extended range 19mm - 135mm
  • Patented antistatic material
  • Widest range of ergonomic accessories
  • Motor focus for repetitive tasks
  • Planachromatic and planapochromatic objectives
  • 360° rotatable optics carrier
  • Stereoscopic or vertical observation
  • Fluorescence (GFP) illumination
  • Leica IC A integrated video camera Leica DC 100 and DC 200 digital imaging systems
  • Software for archiving and for image processing
  • Complete interchangeability of accessories between other similar Leica stereomicroscopes

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