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Leica MZ16 FA
Fluorescence Stereomicroscope

Leica MZ16 FA

Discover how to gain more information faster. As the world's first motorized, automated, fully planapochromatic fluorescence stereomicroscope, the Leica MZ16 FA fluorescence stereomicroscope lets you control the filter changer, zoom, focus, UV shutter, and the double iris aperture at the touch of a button, and repeats your multifluorescence experiments automatically, quickly, exactly and ergonomically.

The Leica MZ16 FA fluorescence stereomicroscope is the fluorescence stereomicroscope with greatest zoom capability (16:1), highest resolution (840 Lp/mm), highest magnification (115x with standard optics), a patented illumination/filter system for the most intense fluorescence on jet black backgrounds, and an HL RC™ innovative high-performance transmitted-light base for excellent relief contrast. Use this high-tech stereomicroscope for applications in molecular biology,gene technology,in-vivo investigation and with the GFP Plus GFP Plant Texas Red,barrier filter and with hand-control there are no open demands for a perfect job.

The Leica MZ16 FA fluorescence stereomicroscope is the fluorescence stereomicroscope with the world’s largest zoom. In many cases, after sorting and processing the specimens, you no longer have to change to a light microscope to be able to precisely characterize details and reactions.

This makes the work procedure significantly easier, and you save a lot of time: evaluate and manipulate the living specimens in their completeness first - three-dimensionally, with great depth of field, in large fields of view.

For best results, use the new HL RC™ transmitted-light base, which offers innovative methods for contrast enhancement using relief contrast.

Leica MZ16 FA

Leica MZ16 FA Key Features
  • Basic magnification range is 7.1x to 115x with a 10x eye piece
  • Fully apochromatic optics system
  • Motorized 16:1 zoom
  • Motorized FLUOIII® filter changer for 4 filter sets
  • Motorized double iris diaphragm with display
  • Motorized focus (optional)
  • Automatic filter detection
  • Automatic UV shutter
  • Automatic control of multifluorescence experiments
  • Position memory for zoom, focus, filter changer, and double iris diaphragm
  • Automated control of 5 working procedures
  • Ergonomic manual control system for control of zoom, filter changer, UV shutter, double iris diaphragm, individually configurable
  • Coarse and fine adjustment of zoom and focus, focus speed corresponding to zoom (the higher the finer)
  • Foot switch for zoom, filter changer or UV shutter
  • Magnification with 2x planapochromatic objective: 230
  • Magnification with 1x planapochromatic objective: 115
  • Resolution with 2x planapochromatic objective: 840 Lp/mm = 0.6 micron
  • Resolution with 1x planapochromatic objective: 420 Lp/mm
  • Near vertical illuminator (5° off-axis) available for animal surgery & imaging cracks or fissures


Leica MZ16 F Brochure
Leica MZ16 FA Brochure

Leica MZ16 FA Optical Data

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