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ZOOM2000 B
Economical priced for three-dimensional viewing


The Leica Zoom2000 Stereomicroscope is the standard in educational classes around the world.

The Zoom2000 offers educational and observational capabilities far beyond other zoom microscopes in its due to its high quality glass optics and rugged, student proof design, it will stand up to years of heavy classroom use.

The fixed eyetube model Leica Zoom2000 prevents tampering with the eyepieces. The focusable eyetube model allows both eyetubes to be focused independently and eyepieces of different magnification to be used depending on your needs.

The versatile 3 way illumination system (transmitted, reflected or both) provides plenty of light for viewing specimens. The Leica Zoom2000 also meets or exceeds the safety requirements of UL, cUL, VDE and CE.

The Leica Zoom2000 combines high performance with flexible features to offer the optimal viewing experience. For education and observation, it delivers crystal clear optics with a wide range of magnification. From biology to botany, entomology to geology, ecology to electronics education, the Leica Zoom2000 is the instrument of choice for all classrooms.

Comfort and Convenience

The compact size of the Zoom2000 keeps key controls within easy reach and takes up less table and storage space. Low heat output for comfortable operation.
60 degree viewing angle for comfortable viewing. Large stage area for bigger specimens and stability.

Key Features

  • High quality, all glass optics with precision coatings produce distinct detail in every image.
  • Exceptional all glass optics are encased to prevent damage from dust, dirt and tampering
  • Meets or exceeds international safety standards of UL, cUL, VDE, CE and EMC. Check and see if your current instruments are protected!
  • Magnification range of 7x to 30x or 10.5x to 45x are standard
  • Magnification range of 4x to 90x possible with accessories
  • Three way illumination system, reflected, transmitted or both simultaneously
  • Halogen illumination, for high visibility
  • Standard 100 mm working distance
  • Photo and Video accessories
  • Measuring and counting reticules available

ZOOM2000 Brochure
(1.12 MB PDF)

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