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PathScan Enabler III

Obtain Ultra High Resolution Images from 1 x 3 inch
glass tissue slides in under a minute...
Designed to work exclusively with a modified Microtek ArtixScan 4000tf Digital Film Scanner, the New Generation PathScan Enabler III is a perfect compliment to any digital microscope imaging workstation. Thousands of the original have been sold since 1995!
Open a tray of slides...
Select a slide...
Load the slide into the special slide carrier...
Load the special carrier into the high resolution scanner...
Scan the slide and work with the image on your computer at 4000 dpi!
The PathScan Enabler III is designed to allow scanning of whole mounted histological samples attached to standard 1 x 3 inch coverslipped glass slides. The PathScan Enabler III solves low power, large field of view, high resolution imaging problems. Scan area is 23.11 x 37.31mm resulting in stunning, incredible images up to 3624 x 5876 pixels, uninterpolated. The PathScan Enabler III holds up to three (3) 1 x 3 inch glass slides without the use of a neutral density filter and includes custom designed firmware and software for scanning the entire tissue. Image files can be saved in a variety of formats including TIFF, JPEG, TGA, GIF, etc. Compatible with Windows based PC’s ONLY. Scans 35mm slides and film strips as well. One year warranty. Patent No. 5612819.

Technical Specifications:
Bit Depth
Up to 42-bit Input and Output
Color Passes
Single pass
Optical Resolution
4,000 dpi
Maximum Interpolated Resolution
8,000 dpi
Scan Area
1 x 3 inch Histology Slide (23.11 x 37.31mm)
35mm slide (26mm x 38mm) 
35mm filmstrip (25mm x 36mm) 
APS C* (16mm x 24mm) 
APS H* (16mm x 28mm) 
APS P Panoramic* (9.8mm x 28mm) 
*APS scan areas obtained from use of optional APS Film Holder
Interface Type
FireWire & USB
Included Software
ScanWizard™ Pro TX (PC/Mac) Brand new features
- Professional Scanning Software with ease of use built-in
- Scan images in either native RGB or Lightness Chroma Hue (LCH) color spaces
- More intuitive color tools in the LCH color space than ever before.
- Multiple data sampling options 2, 4, 8, 16 times (user selectable)
- A host of setting options for improved productivity.

Kodak® Digital Science™ color management software with Kodak® IT8 slide target

Included Hardware
PC-compatible 1394 card; 6-pin 1394 cable; USB cable
Included Accessories
3-Slide PathScan Enabler III Holder

4-frame 35mm mounted slide holder 

6-frame 35mm filmstrip holder
Optional Accessory
APS film holder cartridge
PC System Requirements
64MB RAM (128MB recommended); Pentium PC or later 

- USB: USB port & Windows 98/2000/Me/XP 
- FireWire: FireWire port or available PCI slot & Windows 98 SE/2000/Me/XP
Image Sensor
5,300-element tri-linear array CCD
100 to 240 VAC
Scanner Weight
8 lbs.
Shipping Weight
18 lbs.
Scanner Dimensions
14.2" x 5.9" x 3.9" (LxWxH)
Box Dimensions
21" x 14" x 19" (LxWxH)

Shipment Includes:
  • ArtixScan 4000tf scanner
  • 6-pin FireWire cable
  • PCI-compatible FireWire card
  • Power cable
  • Microtek software CD
  • 1x3 inch PathScan Enabler Slide Holder 35mm mounted slide and 35mm filmstrip holder

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