SprintScan 45
Multi-format Scanner


The new SprintScan 45 Multi-format Film Scanner from Polaroid digitizes color transparencies and negatives in a variety of formats, including 35mm, 2 ¼ x 2 ¼ , an 4x5. The com[act desktop SprintScan 45 captures 24-bit color images, sampled at 12 bits per color, with up to 4,000dpi resolution.

With scan times in under 5 minutes for a 4x5 scan at 2,000dpi, the easy-to-use SprintScan 45 acquires images at the highest resolution in the quickest time among multi-format film scanners – without sacrificing original image detail.

For many printing and design applications, the SprintScan 45 gives you a high-quality film scan ready for 4-color separation – without sending work to external service bureaus for final art. Save time and money by keeping the final art scanning process in-house. And keep your clients satisfied with faster turnaround for their projects.

Media Capability: 35mm to 4"x5" format positive and negative, mounted and unmounted transparencies
Maximum scan time - 26ms/RGB line
Actual resolution - min. 72dpi, max. 2000x4000dpi
Density range - 0-3.4 OD
Sensor technology - single pass, RGB CCD
Bits per color - 12 bit A/D conversion per RGB. 8 bit or 12 bit output to host
Light source - cold cathode fluorescent
Signal processing - software based, real time color processing
CCD calibration - Automatic white point adjustment and dark field subtraction
Interface - SCSI-2, (1 50-pin connector and 1 25-pin connector)
Operating voltage - voltage: 90-246VAC. Frequency: 47-66 Hz
Power - 40 W
Accessory film holders - 4x5" (10.2 x 12.7cm). 2.4x2.8" (6x7cm). 2.4x2.4" (6x6cm). 35mm 4-at-once. 35mm single mount.
Dimensions (L x W x H) - 21 x 13 x 7 inches (53.3 x 33 x 17.8cm)
Weight - 22 lb. (10 kg)
Certifications - UL, ULC (Canada), TUV, FCC Class B, CE
Macintosh - Photoshop plug-in module
Windows - TWAIN module
System requirements
Macintosh minimum - Macintosh Quadra or Power Macintosh. System 7.01 or higher. 16 MB RAM. At least 20MB free disk space
Windows minimum - Windows 3.1 or Windows95. 386SX @ 25 MHz or better. 16 MB RAM. At least 20 MB free disk space. ASPI compliant SCSI-2 interface board (not included)
Low cost, high quality image acquisition and unmatched scanning speeds make the SprintScan 45 ideally suited for designers, desktop publishers, graphic art departments and photo retouchers.

With the SprintScan 45 at your fingertips, you’ll find it simple and convenient to get detailed, color-accurate scans. It scans any transmissive film ranging in size from 35mm up to 4x5, including positive and negative, mounted or unmounted transparencies. The SprintScan 45 also comes with five film holders for 35mm, four-at-a-time 35mm holder, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, and 4x5 in transparencies.

Output that’s true to your original
With high level onboard electronics, the SprintScan 45 samples 12 bit per color, providing 4096 shades each of red, green and blue (RGB) for a total of more that 69 billion true colors. During the scanning process, color is automatically corrected and fine details are sharpened.

You get an accurate digital file of your original image ready to be saved in standard image formats for use in your desktop publishing or presentation graphics application, or for modification in an image editing software package. The scanner’s 36-bit output capability allows users to take full advantage of the highest quality applications on the market.

The freedom to be more creative
With its wide assortment of film carriers, the SprintScan 45 gives you the flexibility to scan virtually any transparent film type. A full-color preview mode lets you quickly crop and scale your image and gives you the confidence to know what to expect from every scan. And because the SprintScan 45 is so fast, you have the luxury to try a variety of creative possibilities without disrupting your schedule.

Experienced users can easily experiment by using custom controls for resolution, image orientation, tonescale, hue and color space. You can even select multiple scan areas on the same film and scan them into separate files, each with its own settings and adjustments.

Compatible with Macintosh and Windows applications
The SprintScan 45 is compatible via standard SCSI-2 interface with any Macintosh Quadra, Power Macintosh or Windows-based personal computer. For Macintosh users, the scanner is shipped with an Adobe Photoshop plug-in module. For Windows, a Twain driver is included.

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