NanoZoomer S60 Whole Slide Imager

The newly developed NanoZoomer S60 whole slide imager (WSI) is part of a family of digital slide scanners that rapidly scans glass slides for conversion into digital data.
Both brightfield and fluorescence imaging  are supported with NanoZoomer S60. Now capable of supporting single size 1 x 3″ and double size 2 x 3″ slides. Handling up to sixty slides the NanoZoomer S60 WSI is the perfect high volume workhorse for your research laboratory. Call us to set up a demonstration today!

Hamamatsu NanoZoomer S60 Digital Slide Scanner


Capable of brightfield and fluorescence imaging

The NanoZoomer S60 supports both brightfield and fluorescence imaging. Brightfield and fluorescence images of whole tissues can be superimposed and viewed.


Scans and captures fluorescence images of whole tissue at high speed with amazing  quality

The NanoZoomer S60 uses an sCMOS camera for scientific measurement to capture precise fluorescence images, resulting in improved image quality with high sensitivity and shorter scanning time compared to the conventional NanoZoomer series.


Handles standard size 1 x 3″ and double size 2 x 3″ histology slides

Supports up to 30 double size slides (2 x 3″) or up to 60 standard size (1 x 3″) slides. Both slide sizes can be accommodated in a single scanning session! Perfect for prostate, brain and kidney samples.


Scanning speed: 20× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)                                               Approxmately 60 s

Scanning speed: 40× mode (15 mm × 15 mm)                                               Approxmately 15 s

Objective lens                                                                                                      20×/0.75 Plan Apochromatic

Compatible glass slides  (1×3″)                                                                         26 mm × 76 mm (0.9 mm – 1.2 mm)

Compatible glass slides (2×3″)                                                                          52 mm × 76 mm (0.9 mm- 1.2 mm)

Slide loader                                                                                                          Max. 60 slides (20 standard size)

Max. 30 slides (10 double size)

Scanning resolution: 20× mode                                                                       0.46 μm

Scanning resolution: 40× mode                                                                       0.23 μm

Focusing method                                                                                                Pre-focus map

Z-stack feature                                                                                                     Yes



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