Portable Whole Slide Imaging Microscope

The Grundium Ocus removes the need for physical slide transfers between the clinic and the lab and enables live telepathology consultations between surgeons and pathologists

Digitize Microscope Slides and Share Images.

The Grundium Ocus 20x or Ocus 40x are two scanners that represent a monumental leap in digital pathology. Either are inexpensive enough to be on every medical professional’s desk. Their compact size makes them truly portable. Wireless connectivity means telepathology is now possible practically anywhere on the planet. Built in GPU makes scanning lighting fast!

The ONLY stand-alone scanner that works with iPad’s, Mac or Windows computers via an internal Wi-fi. No cabling required! No need to connect to secure internet servers! Saves images to internal or optional external hard drives or simple thumb drives.

A perfect slide scanner for government installations like VA Hospitals, NIH, NASA or NOAA with ultra-secure networks.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Personal Slide Scanner

Key Benefits

Big Step – Small Footprint

The Grundium Ocus is a game changing enabler of personal digital microscopy. It brings the global pool of pathology experts to you and it makes looking at sample slides convenient even off-lab.

The Grundium Ocus is your personal microscope scanner to make daily work faster and easier.

Compact & Lightweight

Portable & Wireless

Competitive Cost

Easy To Use

Easy To Clean

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