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EASYSCAN FL3 Slide Scanner
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EASYSCAN One FL Fluorescence Slide Scanner

About to be released is our very first fluorescence scanner, the Motic EasyScan FL3.

EasyScan One FL Fluorescence Slide Scanner

New single slide scanner with dual Brightfield and three-color

Fluorescence option.

* Fluorescence Digital Slide Scanner with Single Slide Cassette and

high speed realtime autofocus, capable of single and multiple Z stack

montages. The user can select different magnifications 2X, 4X, 10X,

20X or 40X and can seamlessly zoom in and out of the image (1X to

800X electronically). This allows closer inspection of interest without

losing image clarity and resolution.

Digital Slides can easily be archived, measured, annotated and

consulted by a third party without time and geographical limitations.

Remote control and live telepathology image capable.


* Motorized Stage X/Y/Z, controller scan time is ≤ 60 sec ( 20x, 15mm

x 15mm ) ≤ 160 sec ( 40x, 15mm x 15mm )

* 3 Place Motorized Nosepiece

* 4x/0.1 Plan Achromatic Objective, w.d. 30.5

* 20x/0.75 Plan Apochromatic Objective, w.d. 0.55mm

* 40x/0.75 Plan Apochromatic Objective, w.d. 0.18mm

* Illumination: Precentered 10w LED for Koehler, 30,000 hour lamp

* Three (3) Camera Systems 2/3 “CMOS, 5M Pixel ; Resolution: 2448 x

2048, 15 fps 3.45 X 3.45μm / pixel, USB3

Fluorescence Illuminator with 3 color multiband filter cube: support

for DAPI, FITC and TRITC channels using narrow bands to capture

discreet wavelengths

*Blue wavelengths excited 385-405nm (emission 425-455)

*Green wavelengths excited 410-495nm (emission 505-540)

*Orange wavelengths excited 550-575nm (emission 585-625)

*All-In-One Imaging Workstation, with 24 “Ultra HD Monitor and

Intel Core i7-10700T CPU @4.5GHz, 16GB RAM, 1 TB Hard Drive, 1

GB Display Memory. 2560 x 1440 Display. Multiple USB3, USB2

ports, White USB Mouse & Keyboard, Windows 11 operating system.

IEC 61010-1:2001/EN 61010-1:2001 and GB4793.1-2007 safety


Preloaded Software:

* Easy Scanner One FL Software for controlling all aspects of image

capture and stitching. Users can now take an FL overview which will

reveal tissue location via low resolution DAPI macro imaging

QPTIFF file format: in order to facilitate easy image analysis for end

users, the 3FL has been equipped with a new file format for fluorescent

scanning. With the QPTIFF format, users can turn their three color

channels on and off independent of one another (unlike an .SVS, which

combines RGB as one signal). QPTIFF file format is compatible with

QuPath image analysis software, a free community tool that has

gained widespread adoption.

Flexible exposure setup: use the observation window to get balanced

multiplex signal

Sleep mode photo bleach protection for fluorescently stained slides

* DSAssistant Software: Compare multiple slides simultaneously with

synchronized pan, zoom, and scroll for browsing

• Simultaneously browsing the same slide and the same field across

the internet with multiple users

• Automatic pan a digital slide with flexible speed settings, and add

annotations on the fly during automatic pan movement

• Shared digital slide library for multiple browsing;

• Support annotations with different font types, colors, font sizes,

characters etc.

• Various measurement tools, such as length, perimeter, area, etc.,

and measurements can be labeled, and sorted by labels or viewed

by label navigation

• Annotations with multiple layers which are selectable and


• Several ROI based digital slide making methods

• Recording function to record screen, voice and the entire process

of digital slide scanning operation. A great tool for courseware


* Bar Code Reader, 1D, 2D

* Calibration Slide

* Power cables, Cables, 5 single slide holder cassettes, (pre-loading

holds 5 slides for fast insertion), Instruction manual

• Designed for 1×3 inch glass slide and No. 1 glass coverslips

on software operation. Complete instruction on the Easy Scan Pro.

* One year conditional warranty

* Shipping Weight, Cardboard Crate, 135 lbs. total,

L25” x W40” x H54”

Motic EasyScan FL3 Slide Scanners from Meyer Instruments, Inc. Sample Slide
Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner
Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner

Compact footprint

Single-side capacity with the same dimension as a Keurig espresso machine.

Ease of use

A single cable connection to any PC with easy plug-and-play setup and stress-free calibration.

Choice BF or IF imagery

Choice of brightfield (BF) and immunofluorescence (FL) imaging. Perform three-color FL imaging using DAPI, FITC and TRITC.

Excellent imaging resolution

Designed with Motic optics to deliver publication quality resolution up to 0.13µ m/px for both brightfield and fluorescence imagery.

3rd party compatibility

Fluorescence imagers are saved into whole slide QPTIFF file formats for compatibility with a wide variety of bioimage analysis tools, allowing for easy data sharing and streamlined research workflows.

Easy Scan FL3 slide holder insertion - It's so EASY!


MoticEasyScan FL3 the image quality


Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner


Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner


Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner


Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner


Motic EasyScan FL3 features benefits

+ All-in-one brightfield and fluorescence microscopy

A combination 3-plex and brightfield whole slide scanner that allows for quick analysis right from your desk is an ideal starting point for any project’s pre-analysis, optimizing research efficiency and providing valuable insights.

+ Save time for your research validation

Cut your validation time in half to promptly reach a go or no-go decision on your research.

+ Our desktop scanner is optimized for preliminary antibody validation, delivering high-resolution whole slide imaging in BF and FL using a high-quality Motic Plan Apo 40x objective lens.

Uses cases for fluorescence system

Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner
Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner
Motic EASYSCAN FL3 Fluorescence Whole Slide Scanner

Fast-paced low plex FISH

The MoticEasyScan One FL is a game changer for labs, offering a solution for routine scanning of FISH samples that was previously priced out of reach. Its industry-leading resolution of 0.13 µm/px, combined with an optional Extended Depth of Field mode (EDF), allows for the capture and analysis of the entire Z plane, ensuring accurate and quantitative cell counts. Additionally, this technology highlights the many benefits of digital and computational biology approaches.

Spatial biology validation

The MoticEasyScan One FL is an ideal solution for labs seeking to maximize efficiency in their workflow. By introducing a low-plex desktop scanner, it brings multitasking to multiplexing, making it an excellent choice for simple validation projects and high-quality H&E imagery. Moreover, the MoticEasyScan One FL offers high-resolution optics and whole slide consistency, making it a time and budget-saving option for labs working with key RNA markers or hard-to-find proteins.

Antibody screening

The MoticEasyScan One FL can significantly speed up the assay development process for labs struggling with the frustrations of procuring antibodies. By providing a low-cost and low-headache system, it allows for quick and efficient screening of all markers to be included in the high-plex cocktail, ensuring the validity of downstream image analysis.

Send us your slides to scan and we will upload the resulting images on our server for your review. Or better yet, call us at 281-579-0342 to arrange a Web based ‘LIVE” demonstration on the EASYSCAN FL3 digital pathology whole slide scanner.

(Soon to be available!)

All data and pricing subject to change without notice . . .

All Motic EASYSCAN One FL digital pathology slide scanners are for research purposes ONLY!  

Worldwide hundreds have been sold and are currently in use. Considered one of the easiest to use slide scanners on the market today.

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