Labomed Luxeo 6i Microscope

Fatigue Free & High Quality Stereo Imaging in a Sleek, Ergonomic Package Luxeo 6i delivers state-of-art engineering and design to users most concerned with performance and value. From a fluid zoom control (6:1), bright and efficient co-axial LED illumination with ergonomically placed light controls, and a crisp apochromatic galiliean optical system delivering the highest fidelity image resolution, our team has met the call to deliver the most attractive and valuable stereo microscope for industrial and medical purposes. An optional tilting viewing body makes the system more ergonomic, and a range of stand types promise

Labomed Luxeo 6Z

The Labomed Luxeo 6Z is the flagship Greenough stereo microscope from Labomed™ designed to bring greater flexibility and performance to all users. With total integration of gooseneck and bifurcated axial illumination, versatility in transmitted illumination, and highly ergonomic stands to choose from, the Luxeo 6Z will delight operators of every kind.

Labomed PRIMA Art

The PRIMA Art common main objective stereomicroscope has through the lens 50W LED lighting and extra long extension arm. Perfect for art conservation work. The fully articulated arm allows viewing of pictures or paintings on table tops or easels. Maximum extension from the center of the vertical column to the center of the common main objective is 55 inches! (4.6 feet.) Apochromatic magchanger 5 step: 0.4X, 0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X, 2.5X with 250 mm (9.4 inches) working distance. 0-210 degree tilting viewing head. Dual camera port or discussion teaching arm available.

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