Learn more about GIGAmacro Robotic Macro Imaging system.

We’ve seen gigapixel panoramas stitched together from thousands of individual photos for landscape photography, but the same process can also be used to take microscopic images too. A chat with the makers at GIGAmacro, who’ve built a rig to take incredible macro photos of insects, found objects, and even electronics. Presented by Norm at tested.com

This is the setup at Siggraph Studio from blank room through to having all three rigs running and tested on Friday 8th. Saturday we will refine, the setup final test and then lock everything down for the 619,000 photographs

This is the view from our camera on Sunday when we were operational. In the foreground are the volunteers preparing the food panels to be photographed, to the left are the 3 Magnify2 systems photographing the panels.

Learn more about #SIGGRAPH2014’s Studio piece “Terabite,” the world’s first terapixel (trillion-pixel) macro image. The project becomes even more interesting as it has chosen food as its subject, hence the title’s clever play on words.

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