Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.

One Platform for All Your Needs

Image-Pro is now the most advanced 64-bit scientific image analysis platform available with capabilities evolved beyond its predecessors.

Image-Pro v11 One platform for all your needs

Newly designed base. New modular options.

Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.

AutoQuant Deconvolution

AutoQuant is now available in Image-Pro

With Image-Pro 11 and its AutoQuant Deconvolution module, you can quickly deconvolve and visualize multi-channel image sets in time and Z—from right within Image-Pro.

  • Get set-up faster with a streamlined dialog
  • Save time with built-in GPU acceleration
Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.
Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.

Analysis Protocols

Image-Pro’s library of Protocols is rapidly expanding and making image analysis easier than ever. Each Protocol is packed with powerful analysis tools designed to deliver flexible and intuitive options.

  • Powered by Machine Learning

  • Multi-Channel by Design

  • Customizable Across Similar Routines

  • Easy, Repeatable Performance

  • Fast Analysis in Parallel

  • Relevant Data at your Fingertips

Analysis Protocol Collections


Object Count Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.
Percent Area Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.
Objects within Objects Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.

Cell Biology

Cell Proliferation
Lipid Droplet
Cell Count
Cell Morphology
Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.
Transfection Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.

Cell Biology Plus

Neurite Outgrowth
Wound Healing as shown by Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.


Composite Materials
Fiber Thickness
Layers Concentric
Layers Curved
Particle Phase
Layers Parallel
Fiber Separation

Fluorescent Capture Options

Supercharge your manual microscope

Retrofit your existing microscope to support image capture with Multi-Channel Capture and Real-Time Deconvolution.

Multi-Channel Capture

Whether in MANUAL or AUTO Mode, this extension to the 2D Capture Module will expand any microscope and make it capable of capturing multiple channels into an image set. Whether capturing single snaps or movies, simply set up your channels, start the capture, and Image-Pro will prompt you to change the filter or light source when needed. Finish the session and your set is combined, color-tinted, and ready to view or measure. A simple, yet powerful way to capture.

Real Time Deconvolution
Real Time Deconvolution

Real-Time Deconvolution

The optional Real-Time Deconvolution extension leverages industry-leading AutoQuant technology to cost-effectively “upgrade” your existing widefield microscope to obtain images almost as clear as those from more expensive confocal microscopes. Elevate your capture system to now deliver crisp, high fidelity, fluorescent images during preview and capture.

Improved Usability

Flexible Licensing

  • Manage all your licenses using a new online account

  • Link any license to a computer without a USB dongle

  • Optionally link to a License Server or USB dongle as needed

Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.

Improved Usability

Image-Pro from Meyer Instruments, Inc.

Search & Help

  • Search for Help files & Recent items with a click

  • Dock the new Help panel to keep guidance within reach

  • Activate Dynamic Help to auto-display relevant topics

  • Train users quickly with written & video documentation

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