Kramer Quad Illuminator

The Patented Quad Stereo Fluorescence Illuminator was invented by Kramer to upgrade standard CMO stereo microscopes to full fluorescence functionality with ease. The Quad is well known throughout the fluorescence community as the best fluorescence adapter to add to your standard stereo system (Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus, and Leica). The Quad Fluorescence Illuminator holds up to 4 patented 2 dichroic mirror fluorescence cubes that give clear, bright and even fluorescence images. Kramer offers and extensive set of filters made by Chroma for your fluorescence needs.

Kramer BiFluor Illuminator

Upgrade your Greenough Microscope to Stereo Fluorescence without pricing out an entire new microscope system! These illuminators provide incredible fluorescence images with high light throughput & brightly colored fluorescence tags. The Bifluor system is adaptable to most Greenough stereo models (Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus) and offers either a coolLED light source adapter for single wavelentgh fluorescence (GFP) or a 3mm Liquid Light Guide Adapter for multi-wavelength fluorescence.

Kramer INV-Bio Illuminator

The INV-Bio is an inverted version of the M2Bio Fluorescence System utilizing a hybrid design combining macro stereo and compound microscopy capabilities. The INV-Bio has an ergonomically efficient stage that makes manipulation of your subject easy. Optional heated stage available upon request. The INV-Bio also offers a four position fluorescence turret system with 3mm Liquid Light Guide interfere to offer fluorescence for your applications. The INV-Bio system contains DIC use for 3D cross-section like viewing that is capable through both plastic and glass petrie dishes.

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