PATHpix™ XLS Grossing Camera Station


The PATHpix™ XLS system is a complete macro camera imaging system that includes everything you need to document, teach, review and share high-resolution pictures of gross pathology specimens for frozen section and reports. The integrated LED oblique lighting allows for shadowless pictures with greatly reduced reflections on the specimens.

The system can be controlled completely hands-free with foot pedals. Annotations, scale-bars and measurements can be applied to the images using the touch-screen included with PATHpix™ XLS. Images can be saved in multiple formats with or without the annotations. The XLS system can be completely controlled via LIS systems using the Lab Owl™ full-function TWAIN interface. Sharing pictures is a one-click step using Lab Owl™ Screencast from the grossing station, making it easier to do intraoperative and frozen section image capture and live remote preview.

The PATHpix™ XLS provides high resolution live preview and captured images across 10 calibrated incremental zoom steps configurable by the administrator utilizing a field corrected motorized optical zoom lens. The large zoom range accommodates large and small specimens as well as small details on large specimens.

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