Microscope Slide Scanning Service for Pathologists, Researchers, Scientists, Attorneys and Artists

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Scanners: Glissando Pol, EasyScan FS-Live, uScope HX-20, PathScan Enabler 5

We have scanned hundreds of microscope slides for pathologists, researchers, scientists, attorneys and artists!

Glissando Pol slide scanner, 1×3″ and 2×3″ 20x-40x for brightfield and polarized samples

Motic Easy Scan FS-Live slide scanner, 20x-40x for brightfield samples

Motic Easy Scan Pro, 6 slide scanner, with EDF stitching, 20x-40x for brightfield samples

PathScan Enabler 5, 4x for brightfield and polarized samples

  • Scanned slides include viewing software which allows the slides to be displayed from any computer

  • Actual magnification scanner dependednt from 0.5x-750x 

  • Price per scan: $15.00-50.00 depending on size, scan resolution and saved image format

  • Optional Extended Depth of Field (EDF) Image Stitching and Z stacking capability

Pathologists scan routine H&E, special stains, bone marrows, cytology, pap smear and blood slide

Researchers and scientists scan botanical, geological, histological and entomological slides for use in publications and presentations.

Attorneys scan all sorts of slides for trial presentations eliminating the need to rent microscopes and video cameras. Both sides in any trial case can review images in the comfort of their offices prior to going to court

Artists scan a variety of different slides for use in large format display pieces where detail and resolution cannot be achieved with simple microscopes and cameras

Totally in focus Extended Depth of Field (EDF) images are available as part of our service

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