Welcome to the GIGAMacro Gallery.  Clicking on gallery images will open the GIGAMacro Viewer so you can enjoy the full effects of the ability to zoom in and try the tools in the viewer.


Arduino Due

1.02 gigapixels / 1,018 megapixels


Australian Golden Stag Beetle

0.34 gigapixels / 339 megapixels


Indica Example

1.02 gigapixels / 1,016 megapixels


Moss Sample (Freshly harvested)

0.65 gigapixels / 649 megapixels

GIGAmacro gigapixel image of tree rings

Image Details:
Pixel Dimensions: 38,306 X 32,108
Gigapixels: 1.23
Print Resolution (@300dpi): 127.7 in X 107.0 in

Petrified wood sample

fantastic view of settling plate. Objects being viewed are in water.

Image Details:
Pixel Dimensions: 46,881 X 46,433
Gigapixels: 2.18
Pixels Per Inch (dpi): 6
Print Resolution (@300dpi): 156.3 in X 154.8 in
Total Original Photos: 0

Fantastic view of growth and objects viewed through water in the bottom of a settling plate

gigapixel image eucalyptus leaf

Image Details:
Pixel Dimensions: 38,392 X 45,242
Gigapixels: 1.74
Print Resolution (@300dpi): 128.0 in X 150.8 in

The leaves in this images are illuminated from both above (using our standard flash arrangement), and below using the back-lighting capabilities of GIGAmacro. The internal structure of the specimen is revealed using this process.

Oil Shale gigapixel imaging at Meyer Instruments

Image Details:

Pixel Dimensions: 38,024 X 51,813
Gigapixels: 1.97
Print Resolution (@300dpi): 126.7 in X 172.7 in
Total Original Photos: 8840

Lamosite is an olive-gray brown or dark gray to brownish black lacustrine-type oil shale, in which the chief organic constituent is lamalginite derived from lacustrine planktonic algae. In minor scale it also consists of vitrinite, inertinite, telalginite, and bitumen.

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