Heliosonix AREA

ARIA-3D/4D (Animal Research Imaging Assembly)

When a short-pulsed laser energy penetrates the tissue, it heats and expands, generating thermo-acoustic (ultrasound) waves, which can be reconstructed to show the distribution of optical absorption inside the tissue.

  • Keeps mice alive – under anesthesia under warm water
  • Obtains live 3D images with high resolution of inner structures,
    including organs, vasculature and skeleton systems
  • Captures bones, soft tissue organs and blood flow
  • Delivers results within in 3-4 min
  • Allows to quantitatively track the effect of pharma logical
    treatments over time in the same animal!
  • ARIA does not require regulatory approval
  • Buyers: Universities, Biopharma, Contract Research Organizations
  • Numerous prototypes delivered and installed
  • Commercial sales launched in 2020 with 5 systems purchased overseas
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