Digital Pathology Solutions

With Exceptional Image Quality

Scan slides intelligently with 400, 120 and 12 slide capacity devices

Our newly-developed TissueScope iQ scanner combines scanning flexibility and high throughput with industry-first real-time, native indexing of images for content-based image search. TissueScope iQ features five slide cartridges, each holding 80 standard slides (400 total) or 40 double-wide slides (200 total). Standard or double-wide cartridges can be mixed and matched in the scanner for scanning flexibility.

Index Your Whole Slide Image Archives

Whole slide images are large and therefore difficult to search. We have developed a scanner-agnostic and IT-friendly method for indexing large archives of whole slide images so they can be quickly and easily searched. The technique is designed to batch-index existing digital slide archives and index new slides are they are added to the archive. The digital slides can either originate from Huron scanners, where they are indexed natively, or from third party scanners. The more digital slides, the better the search performance.

1 x 3″, 2 x 3″, and 6 x 8″ slides can all interchangeably be scanned. Our unique TissueSnap preview station saves users valuable time

We offer an easy-to-use, fast <1 minute per slide, Z-stack, color correct, extra sharp scanning tools for pathologists and researchers. Couple with our TissueSnap  preview station to enhance your workflow and save valuable time. TissueSnap maximizes workflow by offloading the imaging setup tasks such as preview scanning, verification, and batch pre-processing. This allows the scanner to dedicate itself to high-throughput scanning.

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