Motic EasyScan FS-Live Telepathology System for Frozen Sections and Fine Needle Aspirations.
Bring remote, robotic control and real-time display to your desktop from anywhere.

Remember, Motic makes microscopes for © Carl Zeiss AG. So Motic’s scanners have to be better than good!

The Motic EasyScan FS-Live telepathology system for frozen cases or fine-needle aspiration is here! After a successful launch at USCAP 2019 in Washington D.C. this advanced, microscope-based whole slide imaging system provides high quality real-time images to pathologists from anywhere in the world, specifically for remote diagnosis and consultation. The FS-Live eliminates the need to send pathologists to remote hospitals solely to read frozen sections. The system allows any pathologist on the network to view a case slide in a matter of seconds. It is the best “low cost” Real-Time desktop microscope-slide scanner on the market today. Compact, powerful, and deploy-able anywhere, this scanner is the perfect assistant for any digital slide sharing application.  Enable live mode for direct specimen observation and robotic control or share your slides with a single click. This scanning system sets a new industry benchmark with its affordable price and continuous automatic focus for seamless integration into any workflow.

Motic EasyScan FS-Live slide scanners use specially designed high-numerical aperture (n.a.) S and Plan Apochromatic objectives (4x/0.25, 20x/0.75, 40x/0.75) to maximize color fidelity and resolution power. Combined with a large 2/3″ CCD sensor, the Motic EasyScan FS-Live is able to image large fields of view in a split second, while delivering image detail equivalent to a high power 75X objective lens.

Key Features:

Continuous Autofocus:

An industry breakthrough that completely eliminates the need to refocus!

Liquid-Moisture Resistant:

Never worry about damage to internal components of the scanner as a result of wet or leaky slides.

Remote Connection from Anywhere, at Any Time:

The FS-Live puts control into the hands of the remote pathologist.

High-Magnification Z‑Stack Snapshot Feature:

Save time by isolating a portion of the slide and capturing all the layers of the image in one z-stack composite; you scan only what you need to see and nothing that you don’t.

Macro heatmap:

Tracks which areas on the slide have been viewed thus saving time and duplicating efforts.

Gamma adjustment:

Digitally lighten over stained nuclei to reveal structural details.

Live Mode:

A true robotic microscope-scanner! Users can remotely control focus, change objectives and move the XY stage from their own computer.

Scan Mode:

Users can scan and save entire images or ROI’s in seconds and save for review or sharing later in multiple formats.

Seamless Integration into Existing Workflows:

An intuitive, uncomplicated interface built for collaboration through networked features such as a notepad for immediate onscreen communication, an add-marker function, and more. Developed in conjunction with one of the top cancer hospitals in the U.S., every feature is designed with convenience and usability in mind.

Hardware Attributes:

Single (1) slide or (6) slide capacity

Complete scan time is 60 seconds (20x, 15mm x 15 mm area) and 160 seconds (40x, 15mm x 15mm area)

Motorized nosepiece with three (3) objective lenses, Plan Ach 4x/0.25, Plan Apo 20x/0.75 and S-Plan Apo 40x/0.75

Real-Time video display with robotic remote control

Microscope XYZ movements controllable from keyboard, mouse or virtual joystick

Three (3) Camera System 2/3 “CCD, 5M Pixel ; Resolution: 2448 x 2048, 15 fps

3.45 X 3.45μm / pixel, Single USB3 connectivity (faster and clearer)

Control Systems XYZ auto, repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 1um

10W LED illumination, working time > 30,000 hours

Complete with Windows 10, All-In-One computer with HD or 4K Display

Software Attributes:

Simple, intuitive user interface

Continuous AUTOFOCUS

Live measurements

Capture single or Z stack images at the press of one button

2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 30x and 40x LIVE display

Gamma adjustable

Traditional scan features for whole slide or ROI

Standard, High, EDF and Z stack modes

Free DSA Viewer

FS-Live Video

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