EASYSCAN Infinity Slide ScannerMotic EASYSCAN Infinity Scanner available from Meyer Instruments, Inc.
How to View our Slides: Login: meyer Password: meyer123 Left mouse click on any slide. The image will open in a new page. Use your left mouse button and mouse wheel to zoom, pan and scroll. In the upper left hand corner of the opened image you will see an icon of three horizontal lines. Click that, then find three different horizontal lines  to change contrast, brightness and gamma. Click the X in the upper right corner to close image and change slides.

60 or 102 slide capacity with a single click!

EASYSCAN Infinity Slide Scanners

Digitization of “classical” glass slide information is an essential approach for more reliable, fast and efficient workflow in medical environments of cytology, histology and hematopathology. The EASYSCAN Infinity slide scanner now allows 60 or 102 slide capacity scanning. All the same features as our EASYSCAN Pro 6 but with greater slide capacity! Includes three (3) place motorized nosepiece capable of adding optional S-Plan Apochromatic 40x objective.

Simple, fast, feature packed, high resolution, high throughput whole slide scanner.

Both at affordable pricing, thousands below our competition!

Hardware Features:

60 or 102 slide capacity (10 trays or 17 trays of 6 slides each)

Complete scan time is less than 160 seconds (40x, 15mm x 15mm area) and 60 seconds (20x, 15mm x 15 mm area)

Three (3) place motorized nosepiece capable of adding optional S-Plan Apochromatic 40x objective

Three (3) Camera System 2/3 “CCD, 5M Pixel ; Resolution: 2448 x 2048, 15 fps, 3.45 X 3.45μm / pixel, USB3 connectivity

High resolution Plan Apo 20x n.a. 0.75 objective lens produces ultra-clear, color correct images

Actual Image Resolution, 20x: 0.5μm / pixel, 40x: 0.25μm / pixel

Control Systems XYZ auto, repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 1um

Optical system CCIS, 10W LED illumination, working time > 30,000 hours

Software Features:

Easiest to use graphic interface of any slide scanner on the market

One button walk away scanner operation

5 scan modes: Fast, Standard, High Resolution, Z-Stack and EDF (extended depth of field)

Automatic sample detection with manual override

Audio alert when scan run is completed

Automatically uploads images to server once scanned

DSAssistant and DSServer software included for immediate sharing and consultation with zoom, pan and scroll

Complete image enhancement capability, rotation, annotation, measurements and multiple ways to save complete images or ROI’s

SVS, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and MDS file formats

Add or remove scale bar, macro overview window, slide label, magnification buttons and zoom magnifier

Side-by-side multiple image display for up to 8 simultaneous images

HIPAA compliant, encrypted and hospital approved


EasyScan Main Menu - It's so EASY!


EasyScan DSAssistant Main Menu - It's so EASY!

Pap Smear

EasyScan DSAssistant Thumbnail Views - It's so EASY!


EasyScan DSAssitant Image Comparison - It's so EASY!


EasyScan Optional 4K display increases your field of view over 4 times! - It's so EASY!


INCLUDED Extended Depth of Field (EDF) software allows a series of Z stack images to be transformed into single FOCUSED image with unprecedented clarity!

Standard Image verses Extended Depth of Field Image - It's so EASY!


Send us your slides to scan and we will upload the resulting images on our server for your review. Or better yet, call us at 281-579-0342 to arrange a Web based ‘LIVE” demonstration on the EASYSCAN Infinity digital pathology whole slide scanner.

All data and pricing subject to change without notice . . .

All Motic EASYSCAN INFINITY digital pathology slide scanners are for research purposes ONLY!  

Worldwide hundreds have been sold and are currently in use. Considered one of the easiest to use slide scanners on the market today.

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