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Microscope Imaging Software

The QuickPHOTO CAMERA 3.1 software program is designed for acquiring digital images from microscopes equipped with a variety of digital cameras including digital SLR cameras. Image edit, annotate and measure acquired images. Add scale bars, perform extended depth of field (EDF) and simultaneous high dynamic range (HRD) imaging

Using the built-in Timer module it is possible to acquire images in a predefined time interval. The Time-Lapse Video module enables one to create HD video files from the time-lapse captured images.

Main Features Overview:

  • Image acquisition from a wide range of imaging devices (microscopic digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, analog cameras, scanners)
  • Live view on a computer screen (facilitates focusing and can be used for demonstration purposes)
  • Measurements in acquired images: insertion of a calibrated scale bar, measuring of dimensions (line segment tool)
  • Measurements in a live view: insertion of a calibrated scale bar, measuring of dimensions (these features are available for Lumenera® INFINITY and PROMICAM digital cameras only)
  • Measured values are displayed in a well-arranged table with basic statistics. Particular measurements can be annotated. Measured values can be exported (optionally with the image with measuring objects) to a Microsoft® Excel® file or a text file.
  • Advanced functions for saving of multiple images at once
  • Option to automatically save acquired images to a predefined folder
  • Support for zooming units, magnification changer units and magnification encoders (devices for automatic determination of currently used microscope magnification)
  • Image editing functions, indication and annotation of interesting areas of the image, image descriptions
  • Advanced printing functions including interactive preview
  • Automatic time-lapse image capturing with the options to control computer controlled illuminators and time-lapse HD video creation
  • Option to acquire images using a remote trigger (optional accessory)
  • Calibrations can be locked with a password protection, the calibrations are protected by a digital signature
  • Support for work on two-monitor workstations
  • User friendly graphical interface
  • Multi-language support: English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese
  • Possibility to extend functions with additional modules (Deep Focus, HDR, Image Stitching, RECORD IT, FLUO+)

Measuring Features (in acquired images):

  • Measuring of dimensions – line segment tool (options to freely move the labels with measured values, to change the color and thickness of the measuring line segments)
  • Insertion of a calibrated scale bar (options to define type, size and colors; vertical or horizontal position)
  • Measured values are displayed in a well-arranged table with the option of exporting to a Microsoft® Excel® file or a text file
  • Measured values can be stored directly within the image file when saved as JPEG or TIFF type
Promicra QuickPHOTO Camera 3.1 microscopy imaging software measurements - Available at Meyer Instruments, Inc. in Houston, Texas

Measurements in a Live View:

This feature is available for Lumenera® INFINITY and PROMICAM digital cameras only.

  • Insertion of a calibrated scale bar (options to define type, size and colors; vertical or horizontal position)
  • Measuring of dimensions (line segment tool)
  • Measured values can be exported (optionally with the image with measuring objects) to a Microsoft® Excel® file or a text file

Features Description:

Image Editing Functions
The images are immediately after acquisition transferred to a computer and prepared for processing. The Thumbnail Browser enables easy switching to another opened image by a single mouse click. The Navigator window facilitates the work with the magnified images.

The images can be edited using the following functions:

  • Crop (crop size can be defined in pixels, µm or mm)
  • Rotation (by 90° clockwise and counter clockwise)
  • Flip and mirror
  • Resize
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment
  • Color balance adjustment
  • Histogram adjustment
  • Filters (sharpen, blur, negative, grey scale, median filter)
  • White balance and black balance
  • Indication of interesting areas (line, arrow, ellipse, rectangle, circle and freehand drawing tools)
  • Insertion of text annotations

The Advantage of Working with Layers
All inserted objects (drawings, annotations, measurements) are displayed in a separate layer “above the image“. It is possible to modify (change of the line’s color and thickness, change of size, change of position), delete, or hide them at any time. It is also possible to delete the whole layer with inserted objects or it is possible to merge this layer with the image.

Control Panels of Imaging Devices
Every supported imaging device can be controlled by a dedicated control panel. The control panel contains a live view from the imaging device and control elements for control of its functions and properties.
The list of currently supported imaging devices can be found here.

Imaging Devices Controlled via TWAIN Interface
The imaging devices, which do not have their own control panel in the QuickPHOTO CAMERA 3.1 program, can be controlled via TWAIN interface. Those devices can now be used also in conjunction with the built-inTimer module as well as with the Deep Focus z-stacking module.

Image Acquisition from Analog Video Sources
The QuickPHOTO CAMERA 3.1 program is equipped with a control panel for image acquisition from analog video sources (analog cameras, DVD players and other analog devices).

Time-Lapse Image Capturing
The built-inTimer module enables time-lapse image capturing (automatic image capturing in defined time interval). The Timer module is capable to control the computer controlled illuminators. That way the illumination can always be switched on only for the time necessary for image acquisition to prevent a negative long-term effect of the illumination to the specimen.

Time-Lapse Video Creation
The built-in Time-Lapse Video module can be used to create HD video clips (with resolution up to 1920 x 1080 pixels) from time-lapse captured images. For example when several (or several thousands) images of a slowly moving or changing object are acquired, the Time-Lapse Video module can be used to create a video file in which the movement will be recorded in a speeded-up form.

Two-Monitor Workstations Support
Two-monitor workstations are supported by QuickPHOTO CAMERA 3.1 program. The main program window can be displayed on a primary monitor, while the control panel of a digital imaging device with a live view from a microscope can be displayed on a secondary monitor.

Remote Trigger
A remote trigger is an optional accessory which makes image acquisition even more comfortable. The images can be acquired by pressing a remote trigger button.

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements Recommended Specifications
Processor Single-core 2.4 GHz Multi-core processor
Operating Memory 1 GB 2-4 GB
USB Ports 2x USB 2.0/3.0 2x USB 2.0/3.0
Operating System Microsoft® Windows®
Microsoft® Windows®
Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels
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