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Meyer Instruments, Inc. is an independent microscope dealer specializing in digital imaging systems for microscopy. We provide state of the art microscopes, stereomicroscopes, surgical microscopes, digital cameras and image analysis software for all bio-medical, industrial and surgical applications. Additionally, we offer a variety of Whole Slide Imagers (WSI) or microscope slide scanners as well as an in house pathology microscope slide scanning service. Our own products include the successful Realtime Telepathology Imaging System ™, (RTIS ™), the PathScan Enabler IV ™ and PathScan Enabler 5 ™ low power pathology slide scanners, the Prelude II ™ light source, and High Dynamic Range (HDR) and  Extended Depth of Field (EDF) imaging software. Our expertise with image analysis is another one of our strengths that compliments our microscope lines. Custom software development, on-site or web based training, microscope cleaning and repair are all part of what we do best.

Meyer Instruments, Inc. office is located in Houston, Texas. Come see our extensive demonstration showroom on the west side of town! Unlike internet box houses who only want to communicate through e-mail, with little or no expertise or inventory, our showroom is filled with microscopes, stereomicroscopes, cameras, image analysis software and whole slide scanners of every description. Pathologist’s love our comprehensive line of microscopes, cameras and scanners! We have the highly trained people with the knowledge to solve your microscope, scanner or image analysis needs. As a true ‘systems integrator’ and consultant we can show you what works best for your specific application without wasting your time. Please come for a visit or call us today at 281-579-0342.

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