HemoLens 1 - True 100x oil immersion slide scanner

10x faster screening with High Density Information

Instant Cell Sorting with integrated on-premise GPUs

All Digital Workflow

Walk-away Scanning by the technician

AI-enabled Cell Differentiation

Tele-reportedby Specialists

  • Auto monolayer / feather-edge detection.
  • Auto Oil dispensing.
  • Auto-cell detection + Multi-objective scanning.
  • 120 WBCs are classified, sorted & flagged.
  • No cloud upload needed. AI runs on the local GPU.
  • Secure remote review by the Pathologist.
  • Abnormal cells are pre-flagged and sorted.
  • Resulting in 10x faster reporting.

Scanner Specifications


Slide Capacity Single slide batch with soft sideways clamping supporting
a. Slides with / without coverslips
b. Slide thickness from 0.8 to 2mm
Optical Setup Robotic turret with 2 Objectives
a. 100x oil immersion
b. 40x dry
High power flash LED & Condenser optimized for multiple NAs
Image Resolution Large size 2nd gen sony sensors yield
a. 0.03 microns / pixel @ 100x
b. 0.18 microns / pixel @ 40x
Secondary Preview Camera for single shot quick view of slide
Scan Algorithm
Steps within Auto-scan

Single shot capture with Preview camera

WSI @ 40x for AI determined boxed area

Switch to 100x & Auto Oil dispensing

100x scan for AI-determined ROIs
Scan Time Time for specific scanning modes
a. 3.5 mins for 40x Monolayer + 100x 120 ROIs
b. 6 mins for 40x (20x20mm) + 100x 120 ROIs
c. 3.5 mins for 40x (15x15mm)
Physical Properties A tabletop device with
Width : 19 Inches
Depth : 17.5 Inches
Height : 20 Inches
Weight : 50 Kg (110 lb)

Designed for Maximum Utility with Minimal AI

Accurate pre-bucketed WBCs across classes for quick flagging
Proven to speedup the review process by 10x

Pick specific etiologies from RBC morphometric parameters
Filter based on diameters to hunt for microcytic and macrocytic anemias
Sort cells based on elongation to quickly detect sickle cells
Surface irregularity based sorting to check for Poikilocytosis

Hunt for abnormal Platelets based on filtering & sorting across morphometric parameters
Platelet sorting to check for myeloproliferative or myelodysplastic syndromes
Order platelets by size to hunt for macrothrombocytopenia

Solved for PHI

AI without Cloud Uploads

HemoLens is equipped with powerful enough GPUs to run all the AI based image analysis software locally and hence never uploads data to cloud.

Hence, scanned images / patient data doesn’t leave Hospital / Lab’s network

Secure Remote Access

For tele-reporting purpose a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is setup allowing encrypted data to reach directly to the personal computer of the reporting pathologist.

Explicit network firewalls are setup to avoid unauthorised communication over the internet.

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