Retiga MicroPublisher 6 CCD Camera Features
  • 6 Million Pixels deliver detail and quality
  • Small pixels designed to best match microscope resolving power
  • 75% peak QE combined with low noise electronics reveals weak signals missed by industrial cameras
  • Image capture capability in color or can be read out as monochrome for tinting and merging
  • Large field of view capture – capture two times the field of view of a classic color camera
  • The camera’s large field of view gives you the freedom to capture more of what you’re seeing
  • Capture more detail with improved quality than with other color cameras

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Retiga MicroPublisher 6 CCD Camera Applications
  • Brightfield Microscopy
  • Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Pathology, Histology, Cytology
  • Hematology
  • Still Image Animation

(281) 579-0342

Retiga MicroPublisher 6 CCD Camera

Color Imaging for Documentation and Publication

This 6.0 MP camera delivers six million 4.54 micron pixels for maximum detail capture with low powered objectives. Its 16mm diagonal sensor provides twice the field of view of standard color sensors, giving you the ability to capture more of the sample area in each image.

MicroPublisher 6 also incorporates low read noise electronics, and cooling to remove hot pixels and dark current, making it a suitable imaging option for high quality fluorescence documentation.

Ocular™ scientific image capture software is available upon request. Ocular was built from the ground up as a reliable part of daily research tasks. It provides easy-to-use tools for microscopy and imaging. View Ocular videos to learn more!

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