Sutter Instrument Pipette Pullers

Sutter Instrument has developed a very strong reputation as a manufacturer of quality and innovative instrumentation at reasonable prices. Sutter’s strong customer service orientation and technical expertise has led to the development of a very loyal customer base, exhibiting significant repeat purchasing patterns. In the area of micropipette fabrication, Sutter Instrument is the undisputed world leader in both instrumentation and technical knowledge. This has positioned Sutter at the forefront of emerging technologies that utilize micron and submicron pipettes and taper fiber optic probes. The synergy between Sutter’s microprobe fabrication instruments, micropositioners and optical devices provides the company with a unique role in developing micromeasurement and nanofabrication technologies.

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Sutter Instrument Micropipette Puller

Sutter Instrument Micromanipulation

Sutter Instrument MP-265/MPC-365

Our new Sutter Instrument MP-265/M "narrow format" mechanical is designed especially for patch-slice manipulator systems that require more than 2 or 3 pipettes. Coupled with our multi-manipulator controller, Sutter Instrument MPC-200, users have the ability to easily build up multi-manipulator MPC-365 systems for positioning multiple recording and stimulating pipettes. The Sutter Instrument MP265/M mechanical builds on our existing manipulator line in several ways. First, narrow format means more manipulators can be grouped around a recording chamber. A long throw (25 mm) radial X-axis provides an easier approach to and from the optical center. Finally, travel in the Y-axis is shortened (12.5 mm) to economize on width, which is made possible because radially oriented manipulators do not require long travel in this axis.

Sutter Instrument MPC-200/MPC-325/MPC-385

Neurobiological experiments are becoming more complex. Many require multiple manipulators with control units that quickly become space and/or cost prohibitive. The Sutter Instrument MPC-200 is the solution you have been asking for. A single controller capable of running 2 manipulators! Sutter Instrument has taken the simplicity of the MP-225 controller and expanded it to run two manipulators from a single controller/ROE. The Sutter Instrument MPC-200 works with one or two of our world-renowned mechanicals, the Sutter Instrument MP-285 (MPC-385), the Sutter Instrument MP-225 (MPC-325) or the narrow format Sutter Instrument MP-265 (MPC-365). The controller is self-detecting so there is no need for manual configuration of the components.

Sutter Instrument MP-285

The flagship in our line of precision micromanipulators, the motorized Sutter Instrument MP-285 is affordable yet offers advanced features found in manipulators costing thousands more. Custom engineered stepping motors, precision cross-roller bearing slides and proprietary worm gear capstan drives form the basis of the watch-like mechanical system. The Sutter Instrument MP-285 controller provides power to the stage motors with a quiet linear power supply to minimize electrical noise radiation in your setup. Pipette holders and headstages are securely mounted to the Sutter Instrument MP-285 with one of our several unique and rigid mounting systems.

Sutter Instrument MP-225

The Sutter Instrument MP-225 is one of the newer members in the Sutter Instrument micromanipulator line. Production and design changes have allowed us to produce a motorized manipulator that is a more affordable alternative to the industry standard Sutter Instrument MP-285. While the Sutter Instrument MP-225 feature set is less comprehensive than the Sutter Instrument MP-285, it includes the most popular features with a user interface that is simpler to use. The mechanical design utilizes a miniature stepper motor and integral anti-backlash gear head. Pre-loaded ball bearing slides provide smooth movement throughout the 25mm of travel. The controller uses low-noise, linear-drive output circuitry identical to that found in the Sutter Instrument MP-285. The methodology for mounting pipette holders and headstages used with the Sutter Instrument MP-285 has been maintained in the Sutter Instrument MP-225 to allow for cross compatibility.

Sutter Instrument MP-85

The classic micromanipulator developed by Sir Huxley many years ago is still considered by many investigators to be the finest manual micromanipulator available. The Sutter Instrument MP-85 offers the advantage of a very large range of movement with its built-in coarse manipulator and precise submicron movement with the fine controls. Coarse positioning is achieved with a three axis manipulator mounted on top. The ultrafine positioning is accomplished with the large micrometers mounted on the base. These micrometers provide smooth, precise movement through a 10:1 reduction mechanism.

Sutter Instrument MM-33/MM-33A

Used in complex experiments in conjunction with our other micromanipulators, or as a stand alone unit in a teaching environment, the Sutter Instrument MM-33 is available separately for those wishing a small, practical instrument in applications not requiring submicron accuracy. The Sutter Instrument MM-33 is the right choice for tight environments which require maximum versatility within a small space. The optional rotating base and tiltable X-axis provide even further flexibility.

Sutter Instrument Microinjection

Sutter Instrument XenoWorks System

Sutter Instrument XenoWorks™, a modular system designed to meet a wide variety of microinjection application needs. Our experience with precision motor control has culminated in this state of the art system. The Sutter Instrument XenoWorks™ Micromanipulator uses a classic inverted joystick design for excellent ergonomics, intuitively linking the user with the micropipette. Combined with our smooth, responsive stepper-motor drives, the Sutter Instrument XenoWorks™ micro-manipulator replicates the feel and usability of traditional systems, without the associated inconveniences.

Sutter Instrument XenoWorks Micromanipulator

The Sutter Instrument XenoWorks Micromanipulator has been designed around our hugely-successful Sutter Instrument MP-285 electrophysiology micromanipulator, with the addition of a smooth-moving adjustable inverted joystick. Because the motor drive is based on an electrophysiology design, the Sutter Instrument XenoWorks Micromanipulator is extremely stable and resistant to ambient vibration. This stability also makes this manipulator an ideal platform for use in conjunction with the PrimeTech PMM-150FU piezo impact drive for applications such as mouse nuclear transfer and intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Sutter Instrument XenoWorks Digital Microinjector

Designed primarily for transgenic mammal workstations, the Sutter Instrument XenoWorks Digital Microinjector is capable of holding oocytes and early embryos immobile while simultaneously providing a separate pressure channel for pronuclear microinjection of DNA or the gentle control of embryonic stem cells as they are transferred into blastocysts.

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