Linkam CCR1000 Temperature Controlled Stage


The Linkam CCR1000 stage has been designed to study catalytic reactions at high temperature and pressure. Samples are mounted on virtually nonreactive disposable ceramic fabric filters placed inside the ceramic heating element which is capable of heating samples from ambient to 1000°C at rates of up to an impressive 200°C/min.

The Linkam CCR1000 temperature controlled stage has been designed to ensure the majority of components that are in contact with the sample and carrier gases are as nonreactive as possible. Corrosive gases can be used but these may have an impact on the overall life time of the heater and the maximum temperature achievable.
A variety of different lid window materials are available so that brightfield and Raman microscopy techniques can be used.

Fluidized Bed for CCR1000

In collaboration with Dr. Pablo Beato at Haldor Topsoe in Denmark, Linkam has developed new technology to homogeneously fluidize particles inside the Linkam CCR1000 micro-reactor, and to conduct heterogeneous catalytic reactions. These processes can be easily monitored by operando Raman spectroscopy, without the drawback of laser heating or damage.


  • Temperature range of ambient to 1000°C
  • Heating rate up to 200°C/min
  • Temperature stability 1°C
  • Pressure 5Bar max
  • Maximum sample volume 164.03mm3
  • Sample size 5.9mm Ø, 6mm Ø internal height, accommodates between 70-100mg (dependent on sample type)
  • Samples are loaded on low cost disposable ceramic fabric filters
  • Standard size 1/16 gas analyser high pressure connectors
  • Compatible with reflected light upright microscopes and Raman
  • Minimum objective working distance 8.0mm
  • Easily replaced quartz transparent window
  • Simple removable ceramic sample holder
  • All critical component parts manufactured from non reactive materials
  • Water cooling to keep stage body at safe temperature
  • Gases remain at elevated temperatures preventing condensation before analysis
  • Fits 160mm x 110mm XY table recesses but can be adapted to fit motorised XY tables with alternative recesses

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