The Linkam optical DSC600 is a single cell system which overcomes the problem of baseline drift due to different heat flows into the sample and reference crucible.

  • Smaller furnace — faster response time.
  • Compact size of the stage means it can be easily mounted on to FTIR, Laser
    Raman and Confocal microscopes.
  • Suitable for reflected and transmitted light studies
  • Simultaneous optical and enthalpy change data
  • Heating and cooling to temperatures between -196°C (when used with the LNP95) and 600°C can be carried out at rates of up to 100°C/min.

The system consists of the DSC600 stage, a T95-Linksys PC interface controller and Linksys32 software; the LNP95 cooling system is optional and is required to achieve temperatures down to -196°C.

Add new TASC software to enable further thermal analysis.


  • Large Temperature range -196° to 600°C
  • Up to 130°C/min heating/cooling.
  • Minimum heating/cooling rates of 0.1°C per minute
  • Temperature stability <0.1°C
  • Standard DSC has a 1.3mm Ø light aperture
  • Available with a 1mm by 4mm slot for X-ray applications
  • Minimum objective Lens working distance: 7.1mm
  • Minimum condenser lens working distance: 12.7mm
  • Aluminium crucibles for reflected light and x-ray work
  • Sapphire sample crucibles for transmitted light work
  • Stage body size – 104 x 89 x 24 mm
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, and Windows 7.

Meyer Instruments, Inc., is an authorized Reseller/Dealer for Linkam Scientific Instruments

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