Linkam TS1400XY Temperature Controlled Stage

Linkam TS1400XY Stage

The TS1400XY stage has been designed specifically for geologists and metallurgists. It offers a high-speed quench cooling feature to enable the user to quickly transfer the sample to a cold quenching post. Cooling rates of up to 240°C per second can be achieved. The ceramic heater surrounds the sample keeping the heat localised to the sample.

The stage is controlled by Linkam’s temperature controller and delivers a temperature range from ambient to 1400°C within a gas tight body and can heat samples at a rate of up to 200°C/min. The sample is mounted onto a sapphire sample slide and can be manipulated within the ceramic heater by 6mm in the X and Y axis.

Meyer Instruments, Inc., is an authorized Reseller/Dealer for Linkam Scientific Instruments

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