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The Motic BA410 is the flagship model of its BA Upright Compound Series, and exhibits Motic’s advancing optical development approach in creating this high-end microscope. Designed for multiple disciplines from University through Clinical, Laboratory, and Research applications, the Motic BA410 offers true professional quality with a full complement of accessories, making it a valued addition for any biological application. The Motic BA410, when combined with any Moticam digital camera, also provides a powerful documentation tool for reporting or teaching assignments.


Microscope Stand

Through continuous professional usage, ergonomic functionality is increasing in importance in the design of a quality micro- scope stand. With this in mind, the Motic BA410 design was formulated around actual user parameters in order to maximize comfort during prolonged usage times.

The inverted “Y” shape of the stand gives extra lateral stability to the Motic BA410. Low position focus controls and stage move- ment mechanisms were designed to minimize user fatigue. The easy-to-reach illumination intensity control as well as the free-locking stage position option guarantee extended comfort and effortless operation.

All of the above, when combined with the individual’s choice of an eyepiece tube and accessories, makes the setup of a personal microscope possible: suitable for all types of user configurations and applications.

Eyepiece Tubes

Designed with a comfortable viewing angle of 30°, the standard Motic BA410 eyepiece tubes (Binocular and Trinocular) offer a 22 mm Field of View (FOV 22) for fast and comfortable observations and screening. The interpupillary distance can be adjusted in the range of 48-75mm; while a new rubber grip ensures precise and safe adjustment

All standard eyepiece tubes now offer an extended “butterfly” swivel adjustment to increase the viewing height to accommodate individual user’s positioning. The Motic BA410 also offers an optional eye-level riser of 20mm for further microscope customization.

Aside from the regular Binocular tube, Trinocular photo tubes can be obtained with 3 optical beam splitter options:

100:0 / 20:80 Standard configuration
100:0 / 0:100 Recommended for Fluorescence
100:0 / 20:80 / 0:100 Maximum flexibility


Motic’s Infinity Corrected CCIS® Optical system with a field flatness up to 22mm and the high eye point principle of the Motic BA410’s eyepieces ensure true colour and sharp images, while minimizing eye fatigue and strain. As a standard, diopter adjustment is integrated to assist spectacle wearers and for reticule usage.

Beside the standard 10X eyepiece magnification, the Motic BA410 series also offers higher magnification eyepieces. 

Description F.N.
Widefield N-WF 10X 22
Widefield N-WF 12.5X 18
Widefield N-WF 15X 16

Ergonomic Tubes

For prolonged viewing demands, the Motic BA410 offers a complement of ergonomic viewing head options, with a FOV 22 and an interpupillary distance of 55-75mm. Two different ergonomic tubes are available: The Binocular Ergo tube has a variable viewing angle of 4°-30°. The Binocular Ergo-Plus tube also offers an additional extension
movement of 35mm.

Eyepiece Reticules

The Motic BA410 offers a variety of reticles for measuring purposes.



The Motic BA410’s ball bearing driven nosepiece with internal click stops at each objective stop, ensures parcentration and repeatability with every magnification change. Reversed nosepiece orientation accommodates both rapid slide changes without objective contamination, and ease of reading the objective information. Quintuple or Sextuple nosepiece configured models are available.


The Motic BA410 offers a new class of EC-H optics that sets the standard in price-performance in optical quality. Multi-layer coated glass for enhanced contrast and lead-free manufacturing according to RoHS standards are signifi- cant features of this new class of Motic CCIS® objectives.

With excellent spherical aberration correction to significantly improve each lens’ field flatness and better resolution, the EC-H optics offer superior colour reproduc- tion and fidelity. In addition to bright field, the same quality and craftsmanship is also available within the new EC-H Phase objective set.

Also common now to all new EC-H lenses is a remarkably improved working distance. This allows safe usage with less contamination when changing from oil to dry lenses. Combined with the new tube lens compensation concept, the result is a fully corrected intermediate image without unnecessary colour correc- tion and infringement. New EC-H optics also offers superior Digital imaging access to the photo port of a Trinocular tube for improved documentation results. 



Magnification N.A. W.D. (mm)
EC-H Plan 2X 0.05 7,2
EC-H Plan 4X 0.10 15,9
EC-H Plan 10X 0.25 17,4
EC-H Plan 20X 0.45 0,9
EC-H Plan 40X 0.65 0,5
EC-H Plan 60X 0.80 0,35
EC-H Plan 100X-oil 1.25 0,15
EC-H PL Ph 10X (+/-) 0.25 17,4
EC-H PL Ph 20X (+/-) 0.45 0,9
EC-H PL Ph 40X (+/-) 0.65 0,5
EC-H PL Ph 100X-oil (+/-) 1.25 0,15
PL Fluar 4X 0.13 20,5
PL Fluar 10X 0.30 10,5
PL Fluar 20X 0.50 1,9
PL Fluar 40X 0.75 0,58
PL Fluar 50X-oil 1.0 0,17
PL Fluar 100X-oil 1.30 0,20


The standard condenser is a swing- out Achromatic type with N.A. 0.90, providing homogeneous illumination for observation and photomicrography from 2X to 100X objective magnification. Condenser height is adjustable through a rack & pinion mechanism; while centering is done with a pair of adjust- ment screws on the condenser carrier.

For Phase contrast, a slider solution as well as a turret solution is available.

For raised samples e.g. sited in coun- ting chambers, a long working distance condenser with W.D. 10.7mm and N.A. 0.65 is recommended for optimum Koehler illumination.


The Motic BA410 introduces a new collector lens assembly with a secure, screw-on holder for frequently used daylight or other image enhancement filters – an integral part of any illumination package. The new fixed cap prevents the filter from dropping when the instrument is moved or stored.

The complete inner light path of the microscope has been enlarged to minimize diffraction effects at high illumination apertures.

The standard Illumination is a 6V/30W Halogen Koehler system. The Motic BA410 also supports the most recent requirements for LED illumination by a simple replace- ment of the Halogen bulb by a small LED module (4500K or 6000K). 


The Motic BA410 is also equipped with 2 slots in the upper part of the stand. This is for placement of a rotatable analyzer and retardation plate (First Order Red Compensator). Together with the polarizer placed on top of the collector, polarization can be achieved. 

Transition between bright field and polarized light is an easy as removing the analyzer slider. Using this normal polarisation setup enables the Motic BA410 to be used as a rapid Gout Screening ANalysis station.


Today, accurate documentation is becoming an increasingly important part in most natural science applications. In the new Motic modular system the customer may choose between several different imaging options.

Digital Documentation

A more convenient setup is provided through Motic’s philosophy of easy image digitization. The combination of the Motic BA410 with a member of the Moticam series of digital cameras delivers excellent live images, which can easily be stored for future usage.

All Motic cameras come equipped with software to transform the Motic BA410 into an analysis and documentation station.
Motic offers a complete range of digital cameras starting with a basic resolution of 1.3MP (CMOS), up to the Research grade Moticam Pro Line (CCD), with a maximum of (at the moment) 5MP, including Monochrome and Cooled versions. These Moticam cameras deliver sharp live images with easy post-capture handling.

The new Moticam Pro Line offers a research-grade solution for demanding applications like EPI-Fluorescence or Darkfield. CCD technology with high chip sensitivity is the basis for high-resolution images and colour-true results. Monochrome versions are available for maximum sensitivity as well as Peltier-cooled models for noise reduction. For further details on our range of cameras, as well as the different CCD adapters, please contact your nearest Motic office or your local authorized Motic reseller.

Standard Photomicrography

The traditional use of a single lens reflex camera (analogue or digital) requires the Trinocular version of the Motic BA410. The adaptation of the camera consists of a mechanical adapter combined with a photo eyepiece (2.5X or 4X)
The necessary T2 adapter referring to the camera model is supplied by the camera manu- facturer. This setup delivers high resolution images of small fields. 

General Specifications

Motic BA410
Motic BA410 Elite Microscope
• Binocular/Trinocular head Siedentopf type, 30° inclined, 360° rotating (light split 100:0/20:80, light split 100:0/0:100 or light split 100:0/20:80/ 0:100 available)
• Interpupillary distance 48-75mm
• Widefield high eyepoint eyepieces, N-WF10X/22mm, with diopter adjustment on both eyepieces and rubber eyecups
• Reversed quintuple/sextuple revolving nosepiece
• HNA Plan Apochromatic 4X/0.15, 10X/0.35, 20X/0.65, 20X/0.75, 40X/0.95 and 100X/1.30-Oil
• Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system
• Hard ceramic coated stage with built-in low position coaxial mechanical stage (right hand control)
• Achromatic swing-out condenser N.A. 0.90/0.13 with iris diaphragm
• Koehler illumination quartz halogen 12V/50W, 12v/100w  or 6000 K LED bulb with external lamp house and intensity control
• Multi head, side by side or face to face viewing, fluoresence adaptation, phase contrast and polarized light available
• Blue filter, immersion oil, power cord, Allen hexagonal key, thumb screw and vinyl dust cover are included

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