310 POLE

A reliable Polarization microscope has to fulfill unique demands in optical performance dictated by a diverse selection of samples. Based on the ease-of-use concept developed through Motic’s successful BA Series, the BA310POL follows these same principles by paying careful attention on strain-free optical components as well as smooth mechanical movements.

The built-in 6V/30W Full Koehler Halogen illumination offers a powerful and adjustable light source. Field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm help to optimize image quality by reducing stray light and increasing contrast. Further, the field diaphragm plays an essential part in the Conoscopic observation method.

Following Motic’s newest developments of lead-free manufacturing in full compliance with RoHS regulations, the strain-free versions of the new EC Plan Achromatic lenses naturally provide optimal image contrast through a multi-layer lens coating. Together with a fully corrected tube lens, Motic creates a superior optical intermediate image without any color fringes. The Bertrand lens, as an integral part of a Polarization microscope, is both focusable and centerable, thus giving access to the back focal plane of each objective. The Trinocular BA310POL also includes a standardized ISO photo port.

The pre-centered rotating stage with 160mm diameter has got a hard coated and chemical resistant surface; where a high precision ball-bearing mechanism ensures smooth rotation, while the 360° scale gives orientation and allows semi-quantitative measurements.

BA300Pol-trino copy


The standard eyepieces, N-WF 10X/20 with high eyepoint for eyeglass wearers, made of high quality optical glass, provide consistent diopter adjustments for both eyes. As required for polarization work, one eyepiece is equipped with a fixed crosshair reticule. 

Eyepiece Tubes

Incorporating an interpupillary distance of 55-75mm, the BA310POL observation tubes guarantee hours of fatigue-free viewing due to an ergonomic viewing angle of 30 degrees. A large Field of View (20mm) enables fast and comfortable screening. The Trinocular tube allows digital documentation by using a wide variety of digital cameras, with a standard 20/80 light split through the photo/video port. As an option, a 0/100 light split tube is available.

Intermediate Tube

As an integral part of the BA310POL setup, the Intermediate tube carries an Analyzer, Bertrand lens and compensator slot. The Analyzer is 360 degree rotatable, with a complete scale of 1 degree increment. A fixing screw helps to freeze the position of best extinction.

The built-in Bertrand lens is focusable and centerable, giving access to the back focal plane of the objectives, especially when working in the Conoscopic method. A DIN compliant compensator slot (20mm X 6mm) allows the use of all established compensators.


Motic introduces its new strain-free EC Plan Achromatic objectives. These objectives are made of high quality glass and follow the successful Motic CCIS® Optical concept. Multi-layer coating ensures improved contrast and image quality. The ball bearing 4-fold nosepiece shows a reversed orientation of the lenses. In reference on a given objective position, all other objec- tives can be centered individually by counter- sunk screws. 

Magnification N.A. W.D. (mm)
EC Plan 4X 0.10 15.90
EC Plan 10X 0.25 17.40
EC Plan 20X 0.45 0.90
EC Plan 40X 0.65 0.50
EC Plan 60X 0.80 0.35

Microscope Stand

The BA310POL microscope stand carries a pre-centered stage of 160mm diameter. The hard coated and chemical resistant surface is designed to withstand abrasion under rough usage. A high precision ball-bearing mechanism ensures smooth movement and accurate rotation, while a continuous 360 degree scale with 1 degree increments allow precise positioning of the sample. The standard package comes with sample clamps to fix the slides.


The Transmitted light illumination is based on a 6V/30W Halogen light source. With an adjustable field diaphragm and aperture diaphragm, repeatable even and homogenous illumination is guaranteed. Precise use of both diaphragms creates a maximum image quality in terms of contrast. The strain-free Achromatic Swing-out condenser with N.A. 0.90/0.13 also further enhances the best possible illumination quality.

Example Photography

Digital Documentation


A more convenient setup is provided through Motic’s philosophy of easy image digitization. The combination of the BA310POL with a member of the Moticam series of digital cameras delivers excellent live images, which can easily be stored for future usage.

All Motic cameras come equipped with software to transform the BA310POL into an analysis and documentation station.

As colour fidelity is a basic requirement for polarization work, Motic recommends the use of CCD sensor technology, implemented in our Research grade Moticam Pro Line. This technology is superior to the CMOS technique especially when true colours are of special interest.

Motic BA310POL
  • Binocular/Trinocular head, 45° inclined (light split in Trino head 100:0/20:80; option: 100:0/0:100)
  • Interpupillary distance 55-75mm
  • Widefield High eyepoint eyepieces, WFPL10X/22mm, with diopter adjustment on both eyepieces, with rubber eyecups, crossline reticle
  • Reversed quadruple revolving nosepiece, centerable objectives
  • CCIS® PL4X, PL 10X,  PL20X, PL40X or PL60X objectives all strain free
  • Metal rotating stage, 360 degrees with vernier
  • Rotating Analyzer and Polarizer, indexed
  • Swing in swing out Bertand lens,
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system, with torque adjustment for coarse focus
  • Total coarse movement 10mm, by nosepiece
  • Fine focus with 2μm minimum increment
  • Condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25, strain free
  • Koehler 6V/30W Quartz Halogen illumination with intensity control
  • Universal power supply 100-240V
  • Blue filter, centering keys, power cord and vinyl dust cover included
  • Optional XY mechanical stage fingers and Compensators available

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