Motic EASYSCAN PRO 1 Whole Slide Scanner
EASYSCAN PRO 1 Slide Scanner
Motic Scanners have some of the best service track records of any manufacturer! They are designed to work without interruption.
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As a low cost, high performance single (1) whole slide imager (WSI) scanner, the Motic EASYSCAN PRO 1 slide scanner offers incredibly simple to use software for the most demanding whole slide applications. Capable of high resolution scans for secondary diagnosis this is the perfect scanner for instant consultation. The EASYSCAN PRO 1 is perfect for H&E’s, cytology sections, bone marrows , frozen sections, fine needle aspirations, or any histological specimen on a 1 x 3 inch glass slide. Capable of 10x, 20x and 40x scans. If you have ever thought about purchasing your OWN slide scanner the Motic EASYSCAN PRO 1 is worth considering. Whether you are in private practice, in a hospital setting or research area this is only scanner you need!

Hardware Features:

Single (1) slide capacity

Complete scan time is 160 seconds (40x, 15mm x 15mm area) and 60 seconds (20x, 15mm x 15 mm area)

Three (3) place motorized nosepiece includes Plan Achr 10x/0.3 and Plan Apo 20x/0.75 objectives for ultra-clear, color correct images

Optional Plan S-Apo 40x/0.75 objective available

Three (3) Camera System 2/3 “CMOS, 5M Pixel ; Resolution: 2448 x 2048, 15 fps, 3.45 X 3.45μm / pixel

Single USB3 connection ( faster and clearer )

Control Systems XYZ auto, repeat positioning accuracy ≤ 1um

Optical system CCIS, 10W LED illumination, working time > 30,000 hours

Actual Image Resolution, 20x: 0.5μm / pixel, 40x: 0.25μm / pixel

All-in-One Windows 10 HD computer included

Easy Scan Pro One slide holder insertion - It's so EASY!


Software Features:

FAST SCAN TIMES: 15 x 15 mm  full tissue area, 20x, 60 seconds and 40x, 160 seconds

REALTIME AUTOFOCUS: Time consuming pre-mapping focus points is no longer necessary

WALK AWAY ONE-BUTTON SCANNING: Incredible time savings

CAPTURES PREVIEW IMAGES IN SECONDS: Not minutes, high definition (HD) overview display

GAMMA ADJUSTMENT: For under or over stained samples

OPTIONAL REAL-TIME REMOTE CONTROL: FS-Live software allows real-time display and control for tele-consultation

Z STACK CAPTURE: Allow rolling focus of images

EXTENDED DEPTH OF FIELD:  EDF image creation, publication quality images and prints

BAR CODE READER: Helps keep accurate record keeping

MULTIPLE IMAGE DISPLAY: View images sides by side for direct comparison

INDIVIDUAL 2x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x MAGNIFICATIONS: Or continuous zoom control

SCALE BAR, ANNOTATION, MEASURE, IMAGE TAGS: Simple, easy to add and undo

CONVERT SLIDES TO JPEG, JPEG2000,TIF or SVS format:  Whole slide or region of interest (ROI) conversion for use with 3rd party software packages at any magnification

Motic EASYSCAN PRO 6 pathology slide scanning for digital applications:


  1. Fully automatic and manual region of interest (ROI) modes, high-precision (X-Y-Z repeat positioning accuracy ≤1um), stable and reliable.
  2. High resolution digital imaging device scans 10mm x 10mm samples in under a minute at 20X.
  3. Multi-slide auto loading device automatically scans in unattended scanning mode, reducing the amount of labor the pathologist or technician has to provide, improving work efficiency.
  4. Standard, high-precision, multi-function or 3D scanning software modes with multiple ROI’s allow different scanning needs.
  5. Image-Processing allows zoom, pan and scroll, annotating, measurements, application of grids and masks, synchronized multiple side by side image comparison, image rotation, adjustment and enhancing.
  6. Create movies for teaching and education using the built-in AVI audio and video recorder. Post videos to YouTube for sharing your best cases
  7. Inexpensive, low maintenance cost and quick return of investment make it a scanner worth considering!
Motic Easy Scan Pro

Motic EASYSCAN DSServe pathology slide scanning software for tele-consultation:

Additional Features: 

  1. Optional DSServe Software, allows remote hospital access to the digital sections and associated clinical data, all data is automatically uploaded through the consultation platform. After login, digital slides can be seen from browser to browser, allowing secondary discussion. Additional users can use iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices for mobile consultation.
  2. Pathology quality control center for primary hospital can upload digital slides and assure quality control through statistics.
  3. Add an optional Windows 10, 4K All-in-One computer workstation to increase field of view over four times that of conventional HD display.

Easy Scan Pro Main Menu - It's so EASY!

Easy Scan Pro One

Easy Scan Pro DSAssistant Main Menu - It's so EASY!

Pap Smear

Easy Scan Pro DSAssistant Thumbnail Views - It's so EASY!


Easy Scan Pro DSAssitant Image Comparison - It's so EASY!


Easy Scan Pro Optional 4K display increases your field of view over 4 times! - It's so EASY!


INCLUDED Extended Depth of Field (EDF) software allows a series of Z stack images to be transformed into single FOCUSED image with unprecedented clarity!

Standard Image verses Extended Depth of Field Image - It's so EASY!


Send us your slides to scan and we will upload the resulting images on our server for your review. Or better yet, call us at 281-579-0342 to arrange a Web based ‘LIVE” demonstration on the EASYSCAN PRO 1 digital pathology whole slide scanner.

All data and pricing subject to change without notice . . .

All Motic EASYSCAN PRO 1 digital pathology slide scanners are for research purposes ONLY!  

Worldwide hundreds have been sold and are currently in use. Considered one of the easiest to use slide scanners on the market today.

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