High-Definition HD-310U HD Microscope Camera

The ideal solution for pathology, live cell imaging, and industrial applications.

The HD-310U is an innovative HD brightfield microscopy camera designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use. The HD-310U has a direct HDMI output that eliminates the need for a computer or it can connect via USB 3.0 for computer imaging (simultaneous viewing of USB & HDMI!).

The HD-310U is pre-programmed for perfect brightfield color by critical adjustments of 12 hues – not just red, green and blue, but yellow, cyan and magenta as well. The incredibly fast 60fps output enables the operator to move samples or change magnifications without smear lag or jitter and provides effortless focus for more efficient slide reviews.

The HD-310U automatically adjusts to changes in light intensity. No more fumbling with the intensity controls of your microscope or camera. One button white balance and pre-programmed scene files makes using the HD-310U incredibly simple.

Dage-MTI’s MagicApp image capture software is included with all HD-310U cameras. For greater functionality, the HD-310U is also compatible with Dage-Capture and HD-Stream software.

The Dage-MTI HD-310U is a complete, cost-effective, high quality solution for life science, clinical science, educational or industrial microscopy applications.


  • Cost-effective, high quality solution.
  • New CMOS sensor provides increased sensitivity for brightfield and fluorescence applications
  • HDMI live output operates at 60fps – ideal for applications that don’t require a computer (conference rooms, classrooms, etc.)
  • Five customizable memory settings for ease of use
  • Exceptional color reproduction. Color calibration utilizing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue (CMYRGB) for 6 color accuracy vs RGB.
  • No image compression, stretching, black bars, or cropping
  • USB 3.0 output provides full HD computer imaging at 60 fps
  • Exceptional white-balance and color reproduction – 12 color accuracy
  • MagicApp image capture software included for simple image acquisition – no training required!
  • DageCapture and HD-Stream software available for additional software imaging capabilities
  • One (1) year parts and labor warranty.


  • Pathology
  • Clinical
  • Education
  • Industrial
  • Brightfield
  • Fluorescence
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Cytology
  • Conference Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Defect Analysis
  • Semiconductor Inspection


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