Labomed Luxeo 6Z Stereomicroscope

“Fatigue Free” Viewing and Integrated Lighting Allows Small Footprint


Labomed Luxeo 6Z Stereomicroscope

Labomed Luxeo 6Z Stereomicroscope

The Labomed Luxeo 6Z is our flagship stereomicroscope from Labomed™ designed to bring greater flexibility and performance to the biomedical or industrial workstation. With total integration of axial ring light and bifurcated gooseneck illumination, the versatility in transmitted illumination features, and highly ergonomic stand, the Luxeo 6Z will “WOW” any end user. The visual Depth of Field is UNPRECEDENTED!

FATIGUE FREE viewing is now possible with a Greenough stereomicroscope! Newly designed HIGH EYEPOINT eyepieces coupled with EXTRA DISPERSION (ED) glass and patented MAX-LITE coatings allows end users hours of stress free operation only possible before with Common Main Objective (CMO) instruments. Zoom ratio 6:1, 8x-50x basic magnification, 110 mm w.d., brightfield, darkfield and multiple swing arms available. Photo port allows addition of ‘C’ mountable CMOS and or DSLR cameras.

Labomed Luxeo 6Z Stereomicroscope
Two flexible goosenecks cables are integrated within the focus bracket, creating more clearance for controlling focus drive. A built in 23-LED ring light with sectional controls will enable axial illumination while mitigating surface glare. An intuitive membrane switch cluster makes light intensity control convenient.


Labomed Luxeo 6Z Stereomicroscope

A bright LED base light illuminates objects from below. Users can quickly convert the system into a slim-base setup by removing the illumination cartridge. A lever toggles between bright field and dark field transmitted illumination for biological specimen. Flex Arm, Boom Stand, and Slim Base stand options are available.


A well-designed 6:1 Zoom system provides ease and comfort in accessing the right resolution. A detent system with magnification stops can be engaged for calibrating systems to processes. MaxLite™ coatings on all optical surfaces reduce glare and improve light homogeneity to guarantee “Fatigue Free” viewing.

Labomed Luxeo 6Z Stereomicroscope Line diagram

Let us compare the Labomed Luxeo 6Z to any other stereomicroscope model!

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Labomed Luxeo 6Z
Optical System “Fatigue Free” Greenough
Magnification Zoom 6:1
Eyepieces WF 10x/22mm with foldable eye guards, ±5 mm diopter adjustment
Optional: 16X and 20X eyepieces
IPD 50-75 mm
Viewing Angle Binocular, 45° and Trinocular, 45°
Working Distance 110 mm
Magnification Range 8x to 50x
Object Field Diameter 4.4 to 27.5 mm
Illumination Control Incident Light – LED Ring Light with Arc and Circular illumination options with intensity control:
– Front Angle Arc illumination with cluster of 11 LEDs
– Rear Angle Arc illumination with cluster of 12 LEDs
– Circular Illumination with cluster of 23 LEDs
– Goose neck for extra illumination
Transmitted Light Two options – detachable BF/DF (Bright field/Dark field) base;
Pre-configured mirror base for transparent objects
Auxiliary Objectives 0.5x, 1.5x, 2.0x
Reticules For measurement and counting
Camera Adapters CCD adapters 0.35x, 0.50x, 0.65x; DSLR adapters for Canon, Sony and Nikon; Digital camera adapters for Sony and Labomed iVu.
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