ACCU-SCOPE EXC-350 Microscope

To meet the needs of today’s demanding clinical laboratories, ACCU-SCOPE’s EXC-350 provides the performance and value required for routine analysis in pathology, dermatology, histology and cytology applications. The EXC-350 Series’ modular design is compatible with many accessories for fluorescence, phase contrast and darkfield applications. Siedentopf trinocular viewing head, inclined at 30°, with an industry leading 50mm-75mm interpupillary distance adjustment and a 180° eyepoint adjustment to accommodate users of different body types. A wide variety of options are available for fluorescence applications including S-APO objectives, an integrated LED fluorescence illuminator, or a 4-position reflected illuminator with a ScopeLED® fluorescence illuminator.

Optical Excellence

Using our AIS Infinity Plan Achromat, S-Plan Apochromat or Plan Phase objectives the EXC-350 delivers best in class optical performance, superb resolution and sharp, crisp images. Each EXC-350  microscope features an inward facing 5-position nosepiece with infinity plan objectives.

Low Cost Fluorescence

If purchased with our low cost single channel LED fluorescence illuminator, one can have an extremely cost effective solution for under $5.000.00!


LED illumination provides bright crisp images without the need to ever change bulbs. 25 year expected life.

ACCU-SCOPE EXC-350 Microscope

Optical Excellence

  • Trinocular viewing head
  • Digital cameras, HD video cameras
  • Single channel fluorescence attachments, DAPI, FITC, TRITC and Texas Red
  • Illumination light sources – CoolLED illuminators, metal halide and mercury
  • Plan achromat objectives: 2x, 20xR, 50xR oil and 60xR and 100xR oil
  • S-Plan Apo objectives: 4x, 10x, 20xR, 40xR and 100xR oil
  • Turret phase contrast set with telescope
  • Gout kit for polarized light
  • Darkfield Condensers
  • Aluminum carrying case
  • Simple polarizer/analyzer
  • Reticles

Optical Excellence

  • Microscope Dimensions – Standard Configuration (LWH): 387mm x 196mm x 391mm
  • Physical weight (standard configuration): 22lbs.


  • 5 year limited warranty for parts, labor and electronic components
  • 1 year warranty on LED bulbs

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