TissueFAXS i Fluo

TissueFAXS i Fluo is an inverted fluorescence system for the scanning and analysis of slides, cytospins, smears and Tissue Microarrays. The system is equipped with TissueQuest and/or StrataQuest Fluo image analysis software.

S  TissueFAXS i Fluo systems are also available in scan only configurations.


check  TissueFAXS i Fluo systems can be upgraded to TissueFAXS i PLUS and TissueFAXS iQ and equipped with fluorescence high-speed packages.

TissueFAXS i Fluo

  • Multi-channel fluorescence
  • 8 slides, 1 micro well plate, 1 petri dish
  • Automatic tissue detection
  • Time lapse scanning, live imaging
  • Extended focus, stitching & illumination correction
  • Quantitative image analysis option
  • TMA & FISH scanning & analysis
  • Image and metadata storage, management and archiving


TissueFAXS i Fluo is TGs inverse epifluorescence system. It can scan and analyse samples on slides, in microtiter plates and in petri dishes in epiflurescence mode. It scans 6 channels in epifluorescence if the maximum of 6 single bandpass filters is fitted or more if multibandpass filters are used.

The system comes equipped with an 8-slide stage which can also take a microtiter plate insert as an alternative. Inserts for petri dishes and customized inserts for other sample containers are available on demand. A four slide/one microtiter plate stage is also available.

TissueFAXS i Fluo supports Live Imaging, as do all other inverse stand-based configurations. CO2, O2 and temperature control modules are available, as is the choice of small stage top incubators or conventional incubation enclosures. The environment controls are not integrated into the TissueFAXS control software (being usually set for longer time periods) and can be controlled via the microscopes touch screen. The TissueFAXS control software provides time lapse scanning.

Objectives from all Zeiss objective classes with M24 thread can be fitted, the turret takes a maximum of 7. TG continuously checks the market for cameras and other technical equipment to provide those solutions that deliver top performance and are cost-effective. The TissueFAXS i Fluo standard camera is a good example of this successful strategy. The right illumination is of paramount importance in light microscopy. TG provides fully system software-controlled solutions which are mostly maintenance free and have long lasting illuminantes. The correct filters which guarantee pixel shift-free and low channel crosstalk are equally important to make fluorescence scanning easily accessible for all users of a TG system.

TissueFAXS Scanning and Management software integrates all the hardware components into an easy to use workflow with full, walk-away automation capabilities.

TissueFAXS i Fluo

All imaging systems are modular and upgradable. Every system can be customized to offer the following capabilities: brightfield scanning, widefield fluorescence, confocal, and multispectral. To exemplify TissueFAXS i Fluo can be ugraded to

– TissueFAXS i PLUS (Image on the left)
– TissueFAXS iQ/Q+



Modular (Microscope, Cameras, Light-source, PC with 2 Monitors)

Microscopy mode


Compatible Slide Formats

Standard Slides, Over-sized Slides, Petri Dishes, Well-Plates

Slide Capacity



Up to 7 Objectives (2.5-100x)




CCD Camera (14-bit, 1.4 Megapixel, Monochrome)

Light Source

Solid-state Light Engine

Tissue Microarray (TMA)


Image Analysis Software

QUEST line (Algorithms for tissue detection, area measurement, scattergrams for cells and many more)

Supported Image Formats



Integrated, stand-alone freeware

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