Metkon Servocut 502 Automatic Abrasive Cutting Machine


Very Large Cutting Capacity

Powerful Cutting Motor!

Efficient Sample Cooling and Filtration

Instafeed Cutting (Auto Feedrate)

Joystick Cutting

Advanced Cutting Methods

Rapid Pulse Cutting

Table Oscillating Cutting

Combined Cutting

Powerful Cutting Motor!

Small Footprint, Large Cutting Capacity

Easy Operation With Touch Screen and Joystick

Automatic Cleaning Unit

Fumefilter, Fume and Mist Removing Unit

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Metkon Automatic Abasive Cutter

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Automatic Abrasive Cutting Machine

Programmable with 7″ HMI touch screen control, with Siemens PLC control unit, with automatic chop cutting and automatic table feed cutting systems, with various cutting methods, programmable with colored LCD display of cutting parameters, accurate and motorized positioning of the specimen in X – Y and Z axis (X-axis for plane parallel cutting is optional), ergonomic joystick with adjustable speed control, integrated feed path control, power dependent adjustable feedrate, variable cutting force, rapid pulse cutting mode, bar graph overload display, powerful 11 kW cutting motor, with unique belt protection system, with variable cutting speed 600-2400 rpm, with electronic brake system, cutting capacity up to 180/130 mm solid stock, with cut-off wheels up to Ø500/400 mm, twin T-slotted table
(Y-direction only) made of stainless steel, bottom part as rugged alloy base casting, extraordinary access for easy handling with sliding door and side openings, with extra advanced cutting methods:
“Rapid Pulse Cutting, Table Oscillation Cutting, Instafeed Cutting, Automatic Chop Cutting, Automatic Table Feed Cutting, Joystick Cutting” Ready  for operation. Without clamping devices, without recirculation cooling tank.
Includes a standard set of cutting consumables composed of;
*An assortment of 20 cut-off wheels with 500 mm dia.
*5 lt of METCOOL cooling fluid.
400 V, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz.

Technical Specifications

Order No 15 77 15 77-AX
Model 502 502-AX
Max. Cut-off Wheel Diameter Ø500 mm Ø500 mm
Max. Cutting Capacity, Ø Ø180 mm Ø180 mm
Max. Cutting Capacity, HxD 100×400 mm 100×400 mm
Z-Axis Travel, (mm) 350 mm 350 mm
Y-Axis Travel, (mm) 380 mm 380 mm
X-AxisTravel, (mm) 200 mm
T-Table Dimension, (mm) 764×608 (634+200)x608
T-Slot dimension, (mm) 12 mm 12 mm
Cutting Motor Power (S1) 11 kW 11 kW
Variable Wheel Speed 600-2400 RPM 600-2400 RPM
Cutting Feedrate, (μm/s) 20-5000 μm/s 20-5000 μm/s
HMI Touch Screen Controller 7 inch 7 inch
Chop Cutting in Z- Axis Auto Auto
Table Feed Cutting in Y-Axis Auto Auto
Parallel Cutting in X-axis Standard
Table Oscillating Cutting Standard Standard
Rapid Pulse Cutting Standard Standard
Smart Feed Control Standard Standard
StepCut; SegmentCut; DiagonalCut Optional Optional
Automatic Cleaning System Optional Optional
Size WxDxH (cm) 140x134x185 140x134x185
Weight 1100 kgs 1100 kgs
Recirculation Cooling Unit 135 lt 135 lt


Additional Cutting Methods for SERVOCUT 502
GR 0925 Software package for optional cutting methods;
*Diagonal Cut
*Step Cut
*Segment Cut
*Combined Cut
Power Supply for SERVOCUT 502
GR 1225 Transformer kit for 200-240 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz mains voltage
Cooling Systems for SERVOCUT 502
GR 1544 Recirculation Cooling Tank, 135 lt, for SERVOCUT 502/402
YM 8815 Fine filter sheets for recirculation cooling tank (GR 1544), 10 pcs
GR 1559 Coolant level sensor for recirculation cooling tank
Informs operator when coolant level is insufficient.
GR 1540 Magnetic collector rod for recirculation cooling tank
GR 1553 BANDCOOL Band Filter Unit for SERVOCUT 502
Band filter conveyor for the automatic collection and disposal
of swarfs, with capacity of 115 lt, with fluid level indicator,
complete system on wheels, with connection kit.
400V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
YM 8878 Filter roll for BANDCOOL, 50 m, SERVOCUT 302/402/502
Accessories for SERVOCUT 502
GR 1554 FUMEFILTER Centrifugal Separator for SERVOCUT 502
Removes coolant mist for better illumination and viewing
(To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
YM 8835 Spare Filter Kit for FUMEFILTER (GR 1554)
GR 0139 AUTOCLEAN Automatic Cleaning System for cutting chamber
(To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
GR 0140 3-lights warning beacon with audible signal
(To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
GR 0125 Laser alignment unit for SERVOCUT 402/502
(To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
GR 1542 Manual/Auto Table drive system with electromagnetic clutch(y-axis)
(To be ordered simultaneously together with the machine order)
GR 0993-01 Flange Set with larger diameter, Ø166 mm
GR 0996 Extension Box for cutting long specimens from the left hand side opening,
50 cm length, for SERVOCUT 502
Clamping Devices for SERVOCUT 502
GR 0121 Quick Acting Clamping  Vise Assembly, Right, for SERVOCUT 502 (Stainless Steel)
GR 0122 Quick Acting Clamping  Vise Assembly, Left, for SERVOCUT 502 (Stainless Steel)
15 02 MBU 1031 Vertical  Clamping Device with clamping shoe, clamping height up to 115mm.
15 04 MK 10 22 Height Block, 70 mm
GR 0609 Serial Clamping Device for clamping multiple specimens from 1 to 2
GR 0612 Angular Precision Clamping Device in 3-Axis Direction
GR 0033 Chain spanner set with anchor block
15 00 V-Block for holding parts above table slots
GR 0615 Adjustable V-Support, Small (Height Range: 57-67 mm)
GR 0616 Adjustable V-Support, Medium (Height Range: 65-85 mm)
GR 0617 Adjustable V-Support, Large (Height Range: 85-115 mm)
GR 0618 Adjustable V-Support, Extra Large (Height Range: 115-155 mm)
Spare Part Kit for SERVOCUT 502
GR 1965 Recommended Set of Spare Parts, SERVOCUT 502


Treno Series Abrasive Cut-off Wheels (Pack of 10)
TRENO-NF 19-090 Ø 500 mm, for Non-Ferrous Steels
TRENO-M 19-092 Ø 500 mm, for Medium Hard Steels > 23-55 HRC <
TRENO-S 19-093 Ø 500 mm, for Hard Steels > 50-60 HRC <
Cutting Fluid
METCOOL 19-902 Nature Friendly Soluble Oil, 5 lt.
METCOOL II 19-905 Nature Friendly Soluble Oil, 1 lt.
METCOOL-NF 19-906 Nature Friendly Soluble Oil, 5 lt.
Perfect corrosion protection for reactive metals like copper, brass,
cobalt, aluminum, tungsten carbide, etc…
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