PreciPoint M8
Microscope and Scanner with Remote Control

PreciPoint M8 Microscope and Scanner system
PreciPoint M8 Microscope and Scanner front view
PreciPoint M8 Microscope and Scanner side view
PreciPoint M8 Microscope and Scanner - Tablet Control

User Interface

PreciPoint’s M8 is a dual purpose microscope and whole slide scanner with remote control functionality. All features are accessible via a touch screen computer – making it a truly “hands on” digital microscope. The intuitive software allows for easy navigation through your microscope slides with just the touch of your fingers. No need to use your mouse or keyboard ever again! The M8 is a replacement for multi-headed microscopes.

With everything automated and digitized, there is no need for oculars and manual focus knobs. Working with a touchscreen computer, a tablet, or a smartphone makes you feel as if you could examine the sample with your own hands, literally! The M8 is the most ERGONOMIC and INTUITIVE microscope-scanner on the market today. Period.

Live Stitching

The secret to the PreciPoint’s M8’s power and appeal is its incredibly fast LIVE STITCHING feature. Instantly combine multiple pictures taken at the resolution of the objective to produce one single, full-screen image. Pathologists can REMOTELY zoom, pan and scroll INSTANTLY anywhere on an image! The overview image is CACHED prior to review allowing immediate access to any part of the sample with the “feel of using a microscope”.  An amazing large field of view of the entire microscope slide is produced within seconds.

The M8 is so revolutionary you have to “SEE IT TO BELIEVE IT!” Focusing and brightness correction is automatic with PreciPoint’s M8 to quickly produce high resolution images. Auto focus at any time or manually override the presets. Adjust gamma, sharpen, enhance in split seconds. Annotate, draw and share all or selected regions of interest (ROI) in real-time. Use either 20x, 40x or 60x Plan Apochromatic objectives. Easily interchangeable in seconds and pre-aligned! No time consuming re-calibration needed.

PreciPoint M8
The "Smart Phone of Microscopy"

Real-Time Robotic Remote Control

PreciPoint M8 Microscope and Scanner - Remote Microscope

The PreciPoint M8 digital microscope enables you to work from anywhere at anytime. Access and operate the M8 remotely and in real-time (telepathology); connect, share and discuss your findings with your colleagues and specialists from all over the world.


“The M8 is the ‘missing link‘ when it comes to remote control microscopy, pathologists have needed it for years!” according to Dr. J.B. Askew, Houston, TX.

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The PreciPoint M8 is for RESEARCH purposes only!

PreciPoint M8 Microscope and Scanner Specifications:
10 second dual sample image overview picture; bar code recognition (soon to be available)
1x-850x Zoom and Live-Stitching with interchangable objectives
LED Transmitted light; Supported objectives: Plan Achromatic or Plan Apochromatic 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x
Automated, super fast motorized x-y-stage 25 x 75mm (2 slides) or 50 x 75mm (1 slide) Handles oversized glass slides
Automated Z-axis; Z-stacking; Real-time live focus; Traditional scanning included with ability to save all or part of the image in multiple formats
Portable Size: 45cm x 40cm x 30cm; 25kg; Touch screen computers are optional and not included in base price, can also be used with traditional Windows based computers
Optional software based applications and analytics are available