Prior Scientific H112 Microscope Stage

H112 Microscope Stage Key Features

  • Suitable for most major brand microscopes.
  • 1µm or better repeatability
  • Optional 100nm linear scales provide the highest resolution available.
  • Wide range of wafer holders
  • 302 mm x 302 mm (12″x12″) travel

H112 Microscope Stage Description

The H112 Microscope Stage is ideal for scanning a wide range of semiconductor wafers, photo masks, flat panel displays and printed circuit boards. The H112 Microscope Stage can easily accommodate 12 inch (300 mm) wafers and works with many robot arm wafer loaders. In addition, the H112 can be used for transmitted light applications with 250 mm x 250 mm transmitted light area.

H112 Microscope Stage Specifications

um um mm/s mm kg mm SPR ** um res
Repeatability *
Min Step
Max Travel
Weight Ball Screw
H112ARNN +/- 0.7 0.04 40 302 X 302 14.5 2mm 200 No
H112ARN1 +/- 0.7 0.01 40 302 X 302 14.5 2mm 200 0.1
H112BRNN +/- 0.7 0.1 40 302 X 302 14.5 5mm 200 No
H112BRN2 +/- 0.7 0.5 40 302 X 302 14.5 5mm 200 0.5

Requires the use of a Prior ProScanTM II or above controller and are based on Prior method of testing.
*Using a Prior ProScanTM controllers with backlash correction enabled, all repeatability is Uni-directional.
**S.P.R: Full steps per revolution of motor.

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