Prior Scientific H116SPN Motorized Shuttle Stage

H116SPN Motorized Shuttle Stage Key Features

  • Power-up initialization procedures set the home positions of the X, Y, and shuttle axes.
  • An optical sensor ensures that the stage is in the correct position before it allows the shuttle to move to the load position.
  • A pressure sensor allows for the automatic retrieval of wafers to begin analysis.

H116SPN Motorized Shuttle Stage Description

The Prior Scientific H116SPN Motorized Shuttle Stage is designed to be used with the Nikon and Olympus wafer loader systems for 3, 4, 6, and 8 inch wafers. The system greatly reduces operator fatigue while increasing inspection accuracy and repeatability.

In operation, the Shuttle System automatically moves to the correct load position and activates the loader switch, notifying the loader that the shuttle’s wafer chuck is in position to receive the wafer. After the wafer is transferred to the shuttle, the system senses the vacuum change and retracts the shuttle, moving the wafer to a pre-defined position (home). From this point the wafer can be scanned using the joystick or a programmed pattern for totally automated inspection.

The H116SPN Motorized Shuttle Stage is used in conjunction with Prior’s touchscreen keypad. This keypad allows users to quickly and easily set up and store inspection patterns and other stage parameters.

H116SPN Motorized Shuttle Stage Specifications

um um mm/s mm kg mm SPR ** um res
Repeatability *
Min Step
Max Travel
Weight Ball Screw
Wafer Shuttle
+/- 0.7 0.04 40 250 X 210 9 2 200 No

Requires the use of a Prior ProScanTM II or above controller and are based on Prior method of testing.
*Using a Prior ProScanTM controllers with backlash correction enabled, all repeatability is Uni-directional.
**S.P.R: Full steps per revolution of motor.

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