Prior Scientific Lumen 1600-LED Fluorescence Illumination System

Lumen 1600 LED Key Features

  • 16 selectable wavelengths
  • Individual control of LED wavelengths
  • Long lifetime (25,000 operating hours)
  • TTL and USB interface with imaging packages
  • Compatible with all single & multiband filter sets
  • Analog input for dynamic intensity control
  • Stable and repeatable
  • TTL all on and all off triggering
  • Fits all new and most modern microscopes
  • Quiet operation

Lumen 1600 LED Description

The new Lumen 1600-LED from Prior Scientific is the latest product in Prior’s ever expanding microscopy illumination product line. The Lumen 1600-LED offers individual control for 16 selectable wavelengths. With its unique 16 selectable LED wavelengths, the Lumen 1600-LED is compatible with all simple and multiband filter sets. For the user who wants ease of use, the Lumen 1600-LED has a “white light” mode with simple on/off and intensity buttons. Fitting directly to most microscopes the system enables for rapid switching between LED wavelengths to allow for capture of high speed events. The Lumen 1600-LED is controlled via a manual keypad controller, TTL, USB as well as analog input for dynamic intensity control. Excitation filters can be fitted in the optical path for controlled switching with no moving parts. Providing 25,000+ hours of bulb life, the Lumen 1600-LED is an environmentally friendly illumination system that requires no special disposal regulations.

Lumen 1600 LED Specifications

Voltage: 110-240V AC  50/60Hz, 2.5A
Main unit dimensions: 150mm(w) x 220mm(d) x 260mm(h)
Control pod dimensions: 154mm(w) x 135mm(d) x 40mm(h)
Power supply dimensions: 164mm(w) x 64mm(d) x 35mm(h)
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