Prior Scientific Lumen 300-LED White Light Fluorescence Excitation Illumination System

Lumen 300 LED Key Features

Broad spectrum LED illumination for fluorescence applications.

  • Fits directly to most microscopes.
  • Simple to install and simple to use.
  • Optional liquid light guide when there is a need to keep the source of illumination remote from the microscope.


Environmentally friendly:

  • No Mercury
  • No special disposal regulations
  • The manual keypad controller offers:
  • Instant on/off operation via TTL
  • 0-100% intensity control in 1% increments.
  • Independent brightness and on/off control for each LED.

Lumen 300 LED Description

The new Lumen 300-LED is Prior Scientific’s latest addition to their wide range of illumination products for microscopy. The new Lumen 300-LED from Prior Scientific is the latest product in Prior’s ever expanding microscopy illumination product line. The unit is specifically designed to offer broad spectrum LED illumination for fluorescence applications. Fitting directly to most microscopes, the system is simple to install and use. Controlled by a manual keypad controller, the Lumen 300-LED offers instant on/off operation via TTL, manual 0-100% intensity control in 1% increments and on/off control for each LED. An optional liquid light guide is available when there is a need to keep the illumination source remote from the microscope. Providing 25,000+ hours of bulb life, the Lumen 300-LED is an environmentally friendly illumination system that requires no special disposal regulations.

Users of triple multiband filter sets should be aware that DAPI is typically excited at longer violet wavelength (400 nm) than the common UV band (365 nm). To match these triple multiband filter sets, the Lumen 300-LED in multiband (“MB”) format should be specified

Lumen 300 LED Specifications

Broad spectrum, high power white illumination

• Instant on/off operation

• Long lifetime (25,000 operating hours)

• Increased energy efficiency

• No shutters or ND Filters required

• Filter set compatibility, including DAPI

• Stable and repeatable

• TTL all on and all off triggering

• Fits all new and most modern microscopes

• Quiet operation

• USB and TTL control

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