Promicra PRO-SZM1

Promicra PRO-SZM1

PRO-SZM1 is an inexpensive drive stand for Z motorization of stereomicroscopes. Manual focusing option is maintained. Focus range is protected by limit switches. PRO-SZM1 motorization can be computer controlled and is compatible with Deep Focus (EDF) module for QuickPHOTO software.

Promicra PRO-SZM1

Functions Overview:

Focusing and z-movement by UP and DOWN buttons, change of focus speed using a SPEED button.

Manual focus function.

Compatibility with Deep Focus z-stacking software module (module for creation of images with extreme depth of focus).

Option to attach LED illuminators and other accessories.

Remote control by a two-button foot switch (optional).

Z-movement range protected by built-in limit switches.

Example of use

Pro SZM with Stereomicroscope

Example of use

Basic Motorized Stand and Control Unit with Stereo and SLR
Pro SMZ with Stereo and SLR
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