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Digital Microinjector


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Designed primarily for transgenic mammal workstations, the XenoWorks Digital Microinjector is capable of holding oocytes and early embryos immobile while simultaneously providing a separate pressure channel for pronuclear microinjection of DNA or the gentle control of embryonic stem cells as they are transferred into blastocysts.

The microinjector employs two independent pressure control channels. The self-contained vacuum channel for gentle suspension-cell holding applications can be switched on and off as needed, and a responsive rotary control is used to dial the pressure up or down according to the degree of hold required.

A second channel is available which is capable of delivering both high-pressure for solution injection, and gentle positive/negative pressure for transfer of embryonic stem cells. Two modes of injection are available on this channel; in Constant Flow mode, the inject pressure set is applied to the micropipette tip for as long as the hand- or foot-switch is held down. In Pulse mode, the inject pressure is applied for a precisely timed duration, which can be set in 0.1 second increments. Both injection duration and pressure are easily selectable using rotary controls on the remote interface. Optimal ergonomics are again a prime consideration; the remote control unit provides access to all keys and rotary controls necessary to manipulate the parameters in the two pressure channels, while the separate compressor module can be shelf- or floor-mounted away from the microscope to eliminate vibration interference.


  • Built-in compressor with remote user interface
  • Two independent pressure channels
  • Negative and positive pressure
  • Two injection modes: pulse and continuous
  • Four functions: Hold, Transfer, Inject, Clear
  • Transfer channel provides compensation pressure for high pressure injection
  • Four range settings for transfer/compensation pressure
  • Rotary controls for continuous pressure adjustment
Sutter Instruments XenoWorks™ Digital Microinjector


Hold Function
Hold Pressure
-350 to +350 hPa in 1hPa increments

Inject Function
Inject Modes
Continuous or Pulse
Inject Pressure
0 to 5600 hPa in 7hPa increments
Inject Time
0 to 10 seconds in 0.1 second increments
Compensation Pressure
adjustable in 1hPa increments
Clear Pressure
6700 hPa | 97psi
Inject Command
Remote interface or foot switch

Transfer Function
Transfer Pressure
-175 to +175 hPa in 1hPa increments
Maximum Injection Pressure
5600 hPa | 80 psi

Tactile keys, rotary optical encoders 3 x 7-segment LED display

Micropipette Holder
Rod Diameter
1mm O.D. capillary glass (1.2 and 1.5mm available upon request
2m ETFE tubing included

115/230 Volts
50-60 Hz power line

Compressor module
407mm x 440mm x 150mm
User interface module
164mm x 123mm x 70mm

Compressor module
User interface module

RoHS Compliant

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