Techniquip Model 21 DC Illuminator
Techniquip Model 21 DC Illuminator

TechniQuip 21 DC PowerLine Halogen Illuminator delivers optically stabilized light. this is particularly useful when operating with high speed digital cameras. the model 21 is a cost-effective, high performance lighting tool designed for use “mission critical” applications. the model 21 continues TechniQuip’s proud reputation as an industry leader in “Made in the USA” products.

TechniQuip 21 DC PowerLine Halogen Illuminator is a ul and ce listed high-performance halogen fiber optic illuminator.

The 21DC delivers stabilized light output that is critical for many high speed imaging applications. each unit comes equipped with a rear panel connector that enables remote control necessary in many oem and machine vision applications. The model 21DC utilizes a cold mirror reflector to deliver cool, shadow-free illumination.

At just under 200 cubic inches in volume, the model 21DC is one of the world’s most compact 150w halogen illuminators, making it perfect for space-constrained areas. The model 21DC is widely used in microscopy, machine vision, semiconductor fabrication, and other “mission critical” applications.

TechniQuip 21 DC PowerLine Halogen Illuminator is a fully regulated illuminator. This feature transforms the alternating and fluctuating input voltage into highly stable light output to provide equal exposure even when imaging times are in the Khz range. Without stabilization the image quality obtained from many high speed digital, video, or still cameras would not be consistent over time (between frames).

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Techniquip Model 21 DC Illuminator
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