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With the ability to seamlessly handle the large datasets typically produced by CT, micro-CT, MRI, multi-modality imaging, microscopy and other systems, ORS Visual SI delivers state-of-the-art volume rendering and advanced analysis functions once restricted to costly high-end workstations.

Designed for researchers in the fields of material and life sciences, engineering, geology, nanotechnology and the environment, ORS Visual SI provides qualitative and quantitative data for material characterization, surface analysis, process evaluation, quality control testing, or any analysis function that requires a high-degree of accuracy.

From scans of objects and data types such as solid models, wireframes, and CAD files, underlying structures can be revealed and analyzed with intuitive image manipulation and feature extraction commands. Other standard tools provide oblique and double-oblique views, curved planar reformats, and volume clipping with planes and spheres. In addition, you can easily combine intra and intermodality images, multi-channel data, as well as volumetric and polygonal data in the same scene.

ORS Visual SI is multilingual and available in English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Featuring an extensive set of tools and plug-ins, ORS Visual SI facilitates the visualization, transformation, manipulation, and analysis of large volumetric datasets using standard PC hardware and GPU shader technology.

ORS Visual SI is a configurable solution that allows you to select the extensions that provide the best framework for your needs. Choose from a large number of processes and plug-ins to support activities such as filtering, data conversion, segmentation and to control the appearance of volumes, compute deviation maps, and create regions of interest from meshes.


At the core of ORS Visual SI is a fast and powerful 3D renderer that is capable of loading many types of data sources including 2D, 3D and 4D images, solid models, meshes, and CAD files.

  • Import DICOM, RAW, GRIB, netCDF, TIFF, BMP, NIFTI, Analyze, JPEG, and more than 100 other file formats.
  • Dataset size limited only by the available system memory.
  • Import and play 4D data sequences manually or in loop mode.



For researchers and scientists, ORS Visual SI delivers advanced visualization techniques that allow you to gain detailed insight into your data.

  • Configurable view layouts and presets.
  • Display single or multiple datasets in a single or multiple views windows, and navigate freely around or through objects.
  • MPR, oblique, and double oblique views in MIP, mIP, and average intensity projections.
  • Curved planar reformats (CPR) and straightened views extracted from a path.
  • Real-time 3D volume renderings with transparency, texture, and lighting with 32-bit color depth.
  • Optimized rendering presets, in which light emission and absorption parameters are automatically assigned to each voxel of a volume.
  • Fly-through mode.
  • Volume and mesh picking in 2D and 3D.
  • Multi-modality fusion with automatic and manual registration.
  • Support for 3D displays and autostereoscopic monitors that do not require glasses, as well as for multi-monitor setups.


Manipulate and Transform

With intuitive image manipulation commands and 2D and 3D image filtering modules, ORS Visual SI can help you understand the meaning of scientific data by revealing underlying structures.

  • Basic tools include Track, Window Level, Pan, Cine, Zoom, Walk, Target, Invert, and rectangular and spherical clip planes.
  • Median, Gaussian, Fourier transform, and editable convolution filters.
  • Combine linear and volumetric renderings in a single click.
  • MATLAB and IDL connectors.


Extract and Measure

ORS Visual SI includes automated or assisted segmentation with 3D surface reconstruction for visualizing and measuring properties, including areas, volumes, counts, distributions, and orientations.

  • Basic tools for measuring lengths, angles, Cobb angles, and paths.
  • Advanced tools for intensity profiling along paths and linear measurements.
  • Rectangular, ellipse, polygonal, freehand region selection tools.
  • Segmentation tools include 2D/3D Brush, Point-and-Click, Grow, Active Contour, and others.
  • Hide, highlight, subtract, extract multiple regions and apply operations such as Dilate, Erode, Clear.
  • Statistical analysis of 2D and 3D regions.
  • Support for regular and unstructured surface meshes with a number of mesh plug-ins and editing tools to create a region of interest from a mesh and vice-versa.


Present and Communicate

With ORS Visual SI you can create high-quality presentations, animations, and use our export capabilities to share your project.

  • Capture screenshots, export series, and create high-resolution custom-size images for printing.
  • Create AVI movies and Flash animations from camera sweeps, user-defined sequences, or from a fly-through.
  • Burn CDs or DVDs directly from the application.


NOTE Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Tab 1

Titanium Fiber 3D Visualization and Analysis using ORS Visual SI

Tab 2

Coral rendered and visualized using ORS Visual SI

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