Linkam THMS600 PS Temperature Controlled Pressure Stage

The Linkam THMS600 PS Pressure Stage can be used to investigate the effects of pressure on the sample during heating and cooling experiments by pressurizing the sample chamber up to 14bar. It has also been used successfully in applications where minimizing sample evaporation and sublimation are required.

Similar in performance to the standard THMS600 range of heating and freezing stages, the
THMS600 PS Pressure Stage has an additional safety release valve that ensures the system cannot be over pressurize. An optional manually operated digital display pressure pump can also be added.

At atmospheric pressure, the THMS600 PS can reach temperatures of -194°C to 600°C. At 14bar pressure, the stage has a temperature range of -100°C to 500°C. To cool samples from ambient add the LNP96 liquid nitrogen cooling pump.


Specifications at 14bar

  • Temperature range -100°C to 500 °C (14bar), -194°C to 600°C (atmospheric)
  • Sample area of 24.5mm Ø
  • 16mm XY sample manipulation
  • Up to 100 temperature profiles can be programmed
  • Choice of touchscreen LinkPad or PC
  • Stage can be pressurised up to 14bar
  • Can be used with transmitted or reflected light
  • Mounts directly to microscope table or substage
  • Stage body size 135mm x 92mm x 25.1 mm
  • 100 Ohm platinum sensor
  • Temperature stability < 0.1°C
  • Direct injection of coolant into block
  • Highly conductive metal for improved heat transfer
  • Maximum heating of 150°C/min
  • Objective lens minimum working distance 8.7mm
  • Condenser lens minimum working distance 14.5mm

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