Linkam TS1000 Temperature Controlled Stage

The TS1000 stage is ideally suited to the study of ceramics, metallurgy, materials and geology at both high and low heating and cooling rates.

The sample is placed directly in the 17mm diameter ceramic crucible so that the sample is heated from underneath as well as from the sides. The T96 controller enables the stage to heat samples at an impressive 200°C/min. Please note that this stage is not suitable for samples that will flow when they melt.

The TS1000 can be ordered as a vacuum modified stage with vacuum connectors and optional MV196 motorised valve unit enabling vacuum control within the stage. Electrical connections can also be added to the TS1000 stage to enable measurement of electrical properties during heating experiments.


  • Temperature range of ambient to 1000°C
  • Heating rate up to 200°C/min
  • Type S Thermocouple
  • Ceramic Crucible Size 17.0mm Ø x 3.0mm deep
  • Minimum objective working distance 7.0mm
  • Minimum condenser working distance 13.8mm
  • Light aperture 1.7mm Ø
  • Quick release gas valves for atmospheric control
  • Clamps directly to microscope substage
  • Water cooling connections for stage lid and body

Meyer Instruments, Inc., is an authorized Reseller/Dealer for Linkam Scientific Instruments

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