• For optical microscopy and spectroscopy

  • -60°C to 400°C

  • Fit standard 25 mm × 75 mm microscope slides

  • Sample side-loading

  • Removable XY sample positioning


Instec’s HCS302/HCS302XY offers a temperature controlled environment that is an ideal choice for optical thermal microscopy and other applications requiring optical access to the sample. Top and bottom dual pane windows on the HCS302/HCS302XY stage are removable and exchangeable to meet a range of spectroscopic needs. The stage can be mounted vertically, allowing horizontal beam access to the sample chamber. The HCS302/HCS302XY is large enough to accommodate a variety of samples, including electro-optic devices and standard 25mm x 75 mm microscope slides. An inner thermal cover is also included for work requiring ultra-high temperature stability and uniformity.

The HCS302 offers exceptional versatility at an excellent price!

Thermal Features

Temperature Control

mK2000 with programmable precision switching PID method

Thermal Block

Clear anodized aluminum

Sample Thermal Cover

Removable Inner sample cover with additional window

Temperature Minimum

-60°C (with optional liquid N2 cooling)

Temperature Maximum


Temperature Sensor

100 Ω Platinum RTD

Maximum Heating Rate

+80°C per minute at 100°C

Maximum Cooling Rate

-40°C per minute at 100°C

Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate

±0.01°C per minute

Temperature Resolution


Temperature Stability

±0.05°C (>25°C), ±0.1°C (<25°C)

Power Supply

Universal power input


Windows software to record and export temperature-time data

Optical Features

Optical Access

Reflection and transmission capability

Optical Windows

Removable and exchangeable windows permit full-spectrum  transparency

Minimum Objective Working Distance

5.4 mm

Minimum Condenser Working Distance

10.3 mm

Top Window

27 mm diameter

Top Viewing Angle

±61.25° from normal

Transmission Aperture

2 mm diameter (5 and 8 mm options)

Bottom Viewing Angle

±45° from normal

Window Defrost

Integrated external window defrost

Structural Features

Sample Area

38 mm x 50 mm

Chamber Height

3.5 mm without removeable inner cover

2.16 mm with removeable inner cover

Additional height with optional spacers

Sample Loading

Quick sample handling with side loading/unloading holder

Sample Positioning

10 mm fine travel with Vernier XY dials for remote manipulation  in closed chambers

Frame Cooling

Integrated frame cooling with optional chiller system


Horizontal and vertical mounting capability

Frame Dimensions

116.84 mm x 111.76 mm x 23.11 mm


670 g

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