• High precision temperature controller

  • 0.001C resolution

  • 4 calibration tables

  • 8 sets of PID parameters

  • SCPI via Virtual Com Port (VCP)

  • Sample program code available in different program language


•  4 sets calibration table, with up to 20 reference points in each table

•  Programmable precision temperature control with PID algorithm for

   achieving precise target temperatures with minimal overshooting

•  24 bit analog to digital converter

•  Dual PID outputs for both heating and cooling

•  Programmable user-defined temperature profiles with ramp up, hold, and

   ramp down program steps

•  Store up to five temperature profiles for routine work

•  CE certified with built-in over-temperature protection

•  User-friendly WinTemp Windows software with graphical display to control

   the controller, and to record and export temperature-time data

•  Sample source code available to customer in LabVIEW, C#, C++, Python, and



Temperature Sensors & Resolution

± 0.001°C with thermistor

±0.01°C with 100 Ω Platinum RTD

± 0.1°C with thermocouple

Temperature Stability

±0.01°C (depending on heating stage)

Minimum Heating and Cooling Rate

±0.1°C per hour

Maximum Heating Rate

Up to +200°C per minute at 100°C

Host Interface Options

USB2.0 (standard)

VCP (RS232)

Ethernet (IP)


LVDC Option

Optional LVDC for low EMI applications

Typical Temperature Profile

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